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Projects from Master in Audiovisual Innovation & Interactive Environments


by Natalia Gima, Mago Hart, Miriam Felici

Aural Aural Aural

Aural is an immersive experience that allows the user to “hack” its electromagnetic field.
We use the physical interaction with a luminic sculpture to design a soundscape in which the user is complete immersed in the emitted frequencies, being able to modify it in real time. Creating a feedback loop of action and reaction between the physical and energetic body, such practice provokes a state of deep relaxation throughout. By doing so, the spectator can “design” their aura.

La Mantis

by Gemma Reverter, Heidi Valda

La Mantis La Mantis La Mantis La Mantis La Mantis

As we are used to macro-events and large formats to pay homage to what we admire, the proposal refutes the macro show culture and installs itself in the small, honouring the insect queen, The Mantis.


by Luis Rocha da Silva, Flor Salatino, Sara Montoya

Métron Métron Métron Métron Métron

With a metronome as a starting point –as a time and movement structure– Métron explores the limits, focusing on the intersections and influences between "different" mediums (mechanical, sound, light, space) to create various choreographies that challenge and reveal the metronome's perception.


by Javier Albo, Ale Moscoso


PORTAL is an interactive installation of light and sound that explores the thresholds of human perception.
The piece is presented as a black void that is activated and illuminated by its visitors. With a shout or a simple word, the voice opens a gap in spacetime through which sound travels transforming the dark void into a visual experience similar to a vortex.

Sense of Rhythm

by Rubén Oya

Sense of Rhythm Sense of Rhythm Sense of Rhythm Sense of Rhythm Sense of Rhythm Sense of Rhythm

Sense of Rhythm is an interactive art installation about the perception of music. Visitors co-create their rhythms and experience them in an immersive environment through sound, light and vibrations.
Sense of Rhythm is an augmented and accessible music experience based on universal design to make it barrier-less for people with vision or hearing loss.