At the BAU College of Arts and Design of Barcelona we actively promote professional and business ties with leaders in industry, positioning ourselves as a college deeply intertwined with the fabric of the business community.

College-business and institutions

Collaboration with BAU opens up a world of opportunities for businesses that form ties with the academic and research community: it gives them access to creative and specialist talent, innovative solutions for real-world challenges, participation in advanced R+D projects, customised training programs, opportunities to encourage intellectual property, support for entrepreneurship, and better visibility and positioning. BAU is committed to fostering safe and environmentally-friendly innovation and to contributing to the social and professional transformation of markets and society through collaboration with industries and institutions.

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Knowledge transfer and research

The synergy between education, knowledge transfer, and research lies at the heart of the educational mission of BAU College of Arts and Design. Our commitment to academic excellence enables students to develop in creative and professional terms. Knowledge transfer occurs through collaborative projects with businesses that address real-life problems and promote innovation. Our solid basis of research in the creative field enhances the educational experience and allows us to offer new lines of research and technical and methodological advances to both society and the creative sector.

Collaborating businesses

Collaboration with businesses is fundamental at a college of arts and design such as BAU: it is essential in order to enrich the educational experience, and provides students with real-world opportunities. Furthermore, it strengthens the ties that exist between the ties that bring academia and business together, allowing knowledge transfer and the creation of joint solutions to contemporary challenges. 

This close collaboration with organisations is custom-designed to meet new and potential needs and put forward possible solutions to new problems and challenges detected. 

BAU is an active member of a number of associations and working and research groups:

  • Cumulus, Erasmus+, BCD, Cluster Audiovisual, ModaCC (a Catalan fashion cluster), Habitat Cluster Barcelona, etc.
  • Barcelona Activa, ACCIO, Eurecat, Leitat, Creu Roja, etc.

BAU in figures

Statistical data on integration and agreements

BAU carries out internal studies to provide verified information on employability rates among our graduates and agreements signed with businesses for projects and internships. Our statistics cover employment results, current agreements, and networking interviews.

Integration statistic
Interviews and Networking

Services to businesses

  1. R+D collaboration projects: BAU conducts "in-class" academic projects within regular program schedules; collaborative projects that involve multidisciplinary teams outside regular program hours; and industrial PhD projects that bring academia and industry together for long-term research that address specific needs of businesses and of PhD students and researchers.
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  2. Customised training for businesses: BAU offers in-company training and courses for business and institutions to improve the skills of their teams in fields relating to design, art, and creativity.
  3. Support for entrepreneurship and project incubation: BAU provides active support to and promotes entrepreneurship projects initiated during students’ studies. We offer a space for incubation, facilitating strategic alliances with institutions that promote entrepreneurship and providing ongoing orientation to foster the creation of new businesses.
  4. The promotion of intellectual property: We help follow up on projects with the potential for patents, facilitating their development for their launch in the market.
  5. Labour exchange and professional services: Our comprehensive job search services cater for the varied needs of businesses in the fields of design, communications, animation, and creative industries. We offer tailored guidance to students in search of internship opportunities and graduates in search of employment. 
  6. Talent for businesses: BAU creates opportunities for networking between businesses and our former students, encouraging connections through professional interviews and interaction at events, institutional presentations and establishing direct contact, and facilitating professional interviews for individuals with a graduate profile with industry through BAU Talent Networking.
  7. Institutional and academic collaboration and the use of space: Businesses and institutions can use the BAU campus – more than 10,000 m2 spread across three naves in Poblenou with versatile, fully-equipped spaces for private and public events. Our installations are adapted to various needs, from conferences and exhibitions to meetings and presentations. Our modern, functional spaces offer the ideal scenarios for creative and professional events. Said collaborations can take place via a lease of spaces (through a collaboration agreement to promote and boost synergies with BAU) or through the space rental service.
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BAU alumni

Our alumni community is a valuable source of talent and experience in creative and professional spheres. For more than 30 years, BAU has trained designers and creative professionals who now make a contribution to success and excellence in a number of industries.

At BAU, we play a role in the transformation to develop projects – both social and business – with businesses, institutions, and NGOs, generating and transferring knowledge with which to address current and future challenges and promoting social transformation as active agents for change. Our collaboration with businesses takes the form of various academic projects, customised training, the acquisition of talent through networking, and associations with creative industries.

At BAU, we work together to promote professional growth and success in the creative sector.


Collaborate with us

Collaboration with the BAU College of Arts and Design of Barcelona offers businesses access to a wide range of significant benefits. Businesses that establish ties with our institution can benefit from:

  • Access to creative and specialist talent: At BAU, we have a community of students and alumni who are highly-trained and specialise in various creative areas such as design, communications, animation, and the management of creative industries. Businesses can access this exceptional talent to meet their requirements for highly-qualified personnel.
  • Innovative solutions to business challenges: Collaboration with BAU allows businesses to present real-world challenges and projects that require creative and innovative solutions. Our students and professionals are trained to address problems from different perspectives, which can result in fresh and creative approaches to their resolution.
  • Participation in research and development (R+D) projects: By participating in R+D collaboration projects, businesses can benefit  from the research and knowledge generated at BAU. These collaboration can lead to the development of new products, services, methodologies, and technologies than boost market competitiveness and differentiation.
  • Customised training: BAU offers customised training programs for business and institutions, adapted to their specific needs and requirements. This allows business and institutions to train teams in areas related to design and creativity, improving their abilities and skills.
  • Access to a wide network of professional contacts: Through events, networking activities, and our labour exchange, businesses can establish connections with professionals, students, and former students. This can lead to future collaboration, procurement, or projects that enrich their network of contacts.
  • Promotion of patents and intellectual property: BAU provides follow-up on projects that have the potential for patents, which represents an opportunity for businesses to protect and market their innovations in an effective manner.
  • Support for entrepreneurship and start-ups: Collaboration with BAU provides businesses with the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurial and innovative projects that materialise at BAU. This can lead to strategic alliances or even investment in new initiatives with great potential for growth.
  • Featured visibility and positioning: Businesses that collaborate with BAU benefit from the positioning of BAU and visibility through mentions and acknowledgements on our website, events, and  publications related to collaborations. This strengthens their brand image and positions them as leaders in the creative sphere.
  • Access to the BAU community: Collaboration with BAU enables businesses to become part of the vibrant academic and creative community at our college, which can create opportunities for long-term networking and collaboration.