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Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

BAU's Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts was created with a desire to contribute to the transformation of society through art. It is also inspired by the conviction that artistic practice has a unique power to propose new ways of feeling, thinking and living, from an artistic sensibility, environmental commitment and social responsibility.

  • Edition: 1st
  • Teaching period: from October 2022 to June 2023
  • Schedule: mornings from 9am to 2.30pm or afternoons from 3pm to 8.30pm
  • Modality: on-site
  • Language: English, Spanish and Catalan
  • Price: 134 € / ECTS
  • Duration: 4 academic years
  • Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts by the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia
  • Credits: 240 ECTS
  • Academic calendar 2022-23


BAU's Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts was created with a desire to contribute to the transformation of society through art. It is also inspired by the conviction that artistic practice has a unique power to propose new ways of feeling, thinking and living, from an artistic sensibility, environmental commitment and social responsibility.

With the Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, BAU consolidates its educational contribution in the fields of Arts and Humanities. Fine Arts students now have an exceptional opportunity to become relevant creators in present and future society.

The Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts addresses students with a proactive, curious, non-conformist and autonomous attitude. It is aimed at training artists who understand art as a field of experimentation, accepting the challenges of our time.

For this reason, it provides them with tools, methods and technologies in a syllabus situated in the present but with a perspective of the evolution of Fine Arts throughout history. The programme consists of project-based subjects and supports students' individual development, encouraging the development of their own language with clarity and communication skills.


Grado en Bellas Artes


Structured over four courses, the syllabus proposes an itinerary that starts with the discovery of the students' interests, by learning to articulate them through processes and projects. It therefore puts artistic practice at the very centre, with the workshop and the classroom as axes of on-site training, offering shared time and spaces for learning. At the end of the course, students will be fully capable to work both individually and collectively with character and a resolute spirit.

In essence, it is a multilingual syllabus aligned with different professional art contexts which generate continuous and stimulating relationships with practicing artists, companies, institutions, galleries, critics and programmers. Consequently, it prioritises consolidating employment opportunities.


Grado en Bellas Artes


Reasons to study a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at BAU

  • Because it is based on a firm commitment to our times, with an awareness of the need to imagine and embody new realities, it questions what artistic practice is and what it can become, and proposes innovative and transformative solutions.
  • Because it combines media and languages that are new to artistic practices, such as programming, interaction and digital fabrication, with others that are already consolidated, such as performance, drawing, sculpture, painting and audiovisuals.
  • Because its teaching staff is actively involved in the professional scene and fully aware of the dynamics, processes and techniques of contemporary art; young, cosmopolitan and polyvalent artists who work as a team in a coherent and coordinated way.
  • Because it is linked to different professional contexts, collaborating with practicing artists, carrying out external internships, and integrating into the local and international cultural network through exhibitions, events and projects.
  • Because it connects art with humanities, sciences and technologies, encouraging transdisciplinary perspectives and exploring other paths that broaden the possibilities of an artistic career.
  • Because it links tradition with modernity and critical reflection with transformative action, with the strength of an innate curiosity and willingness to dialogue through art - with the city, the country, the world and, above all, with people.
  • Because it actively participates in the great debates and challenges of contemporary society (artistic, but also cultural, political and environmental), in a responsible way and with the intention of becoming a pole of creativity, innovation and talent.

Study Plan

Programme of studies

Credits by type of subject:
  • Basic training: 60 ECTS
  • Compulsory: 102 ECTS
  • Elective: 60 ECTS
  • External internship: 6 ECTS
  • Final project: 12 ECTS



  • Critically reflect and evaluate the implications of artistic practices with respect to the different contexts in which they have an impact.
  • Understand contemporary and historical art reference frameworks and use them in a conscious, critical and innovative way.
  • Carry out ideation and experimentation projects and processes in a decisive and sensitive manner according to one's specific needs.
  • Apply appropriate research methodologies in processes of experimentation and formal production.
  • Coherent and efficient use of expressive languages and representation techniques in the development of professional projects.
  • Master processes of experimentation, development and presentation of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, audiovisual, installation, performative and relational works.
  • Understanding of the properties and combined behaviour of techniques, technologies and materials in order to be able to use them with aesthetic sensitivity and social and environmental responsibility.
  • Master the use of aesthetic and symbolic communication codes, as well as specific artistic language.
  • Analyse and relate data, concepts and knowledge from different sources and apply them creatively in working processes.
  • Contribute effectively to structures of cooperation and collaboration in the development and execution of proposals, within and outside the contexts of art.
  • Structure and articulate reasoning in a critical and justified way in contexts of discussion and analysis.
  • Plan and efficiently manage individual or team work processes of artistic projects of different complexity.

Grado en Bellas Artes

International Mobility

Mobility programs are a fundamental line of action to facilitate the exchange of content, methodologies and resources, and to enhance the generation and transmission of knowledge.

From this perspective, student mobility is considered at BAU as a means of mutual knowledge between different countries and cultures that invites intercultural dialogue and an exchange of enriching educational experiences.

BAU promotes the mobility of its students, amd his international recognition as a design institution offersthe possibility of an international education under ERASMUS program regulations within Europe and with exchange programs with foreign universities prestige.

List of schools and universities with ERASMUS agreement and collaboration agreements.

Career Opportunities

  • Artist in all its modalities (creation and research in the field of art).
  • Cultural management (technical and management tasks in art production centres, art galleries, museums, exhibition halls and art fairs, cultural promotion and event organisation).
  • Specialist in production processes (pictorial and sculptural techniques, photography, video production, exhibition production and assembly, etc.).
  • Art direction and creation (creative staff in technological, design and advertising companies, press and television, audiovisual production companies, art galleries, art production centres, fairs and contests, etc.).
  • Advisory or consultancy
  • Mediation (in the educational departments of museums and cultural institutions or on a freelance basis).
  • Exhibition curatorship (curating, conceptualisation and organisation of exhibitions and art events).
  • Teaching and artistic education (secondary school teachers, specialised artistic education, university, creative workshops, technical training in specialised schools, etc.).          


The total cost of the course depends on the number of ECTS inscribed plus the student insurance, management fees and university fees.
The price of the ECTS credit for the 2022-23 course is 134 €.
The fixed cost of university fees, management fees and insurance for the 2022-23 academic year is 100 €.
The total amount of the course for 60 ECTS is 8.140 €.

Payment conditions:

  • Single payment: if you pay the full course upon enrollment a 3% discount is applied to the total amount of the ECTS .
  • Installment payment: consists of an initial payment of 3.010 € upon enrollment (includes university taxes) + 9 monthly installments of 570 € (from October to June).

Scholarships and grants

As a BAU Bachelor student, you can take advantage of different scholarships and grants throughout your academic life at the center, as well as special discounts and preferential internal and external financing conditions.

Access and registration


The registration period for the Bachelor's Degree in Design for new students takes place according to the calendar established by the University Preregistration office of Catalonia (Oficina de Preinscripción Universitaria de Cataluña). For more information please consult the web page or the educational regulations of the Bachelor's programs which are found on the website: The registration is done at reception at BAU Design College.

Foreign students must process their admission through the UNED -

Students educated in Spain


Through the official University Preregistration of Catalonia.


The quality of the BAU pedagogical system is guaranteed by various indicators and reports by the seals of (AQU, RUCT, ANECA, EUC ...). 

Visit the Quality section.

Information sessions

BAU offers both in-person and online information sessions on the curriculum of the Degree in Fine Arts as well as the campus’ facilities and workspaces. The next information session will take place on Friday, September 16th at 4pm at BAU.

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You can also reach us personally ( o +34 93 415 34 74) and book a private appointment.

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