Our Model

“A constellation of knowledge, an ecology of practices”


The mission

The mission of BAU is to be an engine of knowledge, creativity, and innovation through teaching and research in arts and design. From an environmental, transversal, and transformative perspective, it fosters critical awareness at the service of individuals, society, and the environment.

The vision

  • BAU is a university with a vocation to serve society.
  • BAU focusses on supporting students at all stages of their training.
  • BAU promotes ethical values, social commitment, and professional excellence.
  • BAU promotes ongoing training adapted to workplace requirements.
  • BAU deploys strategic alliances and ties with institutions worldwide.
  • Infrastructure equipped through experimentation, research, and teaching.


Educational model

BAU trains art and design professionals for the contemporary world from an environmental, innovative, creative, and transversal perspective that promotes critical awareness and an open view that can understand the social, cultural, and economic change and the commitment to sustainable development.

Flexible model

BAU functions with an eminently practical, cross-disciplinary, professionalising focus that allows for the configuration of open, customisable curricular itineraries.

Personalised assistance

BAU offers integrated training based on direct treatment and personalised monitoring that allows each student to develop their own creative personality.

Practice-based learning

The BAU training model provides solid humanistic, experimental, and technical training based on project culture and is fully connected to the professional world.

Teaching innovation

Teaching at BAU is articulated from a pedagogical framework that promotes shared learning, transversal competencies, the integration of technologies, flexibility in the curriculum, and the integration of physical and virtual spaces.


BAU research has a transversal presence throughout BAU, favouring experimentation and generating dialogues between various fields of knowledge to contribute to social transformation and well-being.

Multilingual training

For BAU, mastery of Catalan, Spanish, and other foreign languages, in particular English, are essential in order to maximise professional competitiveness and optimise students’ academic experience, as well as to boost students’ international projection.

International connection

Exchange programs and the international mobility of the BAU community foster the diversity of profiles and perspectives and enrich the university experience.

Employment projection

As an open space that is permeable to the changing needs of society, companies, and cultural and artistic industries, BAU ensures the full and satisfactory work experience of its graduates.

Environmental perspective

At BAU, we promote active attention to human and non-human agents. We are aware that planetary coexistence depends on a responsible, harmonious, and careful use of resources.

Code of Ethics

BAU considers University Social Responsibility (USR) to be an ethical dimension that the institution must pursue as an objective and must promote in its day-to-day activities, beyond its legal obligations. It entails responsible management of the impact of the institution's educational, research, employment and environmental activities and establishing a dialogue with society to improve academic activity and encourage sustainable human development.

At BAU, ethical behaviour rests on four fundamental values: respect, commitment, equality and responsibility towards people. Our Code of Ethics comprises ten general principles that are designed to make each person aware of the need for ethical behaviour and the responsibility that is expected of them as a member of the BAU community.

Institutional declaration

BAU, College of Arts & Design of Barcelona, has an Institutional Declaration to ensure a productive, safe and respectful work environment for everyone who is part, whether directly or indirectly, of the BAU community.

This Institutional Declaration includes the implementation of a Prevention and Action Protocol in the event of harassment as well as an Intellectual Property Management Protocol.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BAU's commitment to the environment and sustainability is bolstered by the installation of a heating system that is connected to Barcelona's urban hot and cold network. This network uses sources of waste energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, a recycling culture is promoted (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) through a selective waste collection system and RRR points for recycled material.

Likewise, as a centre with a strong commitment to accessibility, BAU's spaces have been adapted for people with reduced mobility.