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Student Life

Get the true design experience at BAU. Inspiration, creation and research come together on our campus in the heart of the Poblenou district.

Welcome to BAU

If you come to BAU to discover and experience design, you will find a large international community of diverse and creative individuals with whom you can collaborate, learn and experiment. BAU is a place where you can develop projects and build new and lasting relationships with people who share your interests, concerns and passions, but also bring different points of view to the table. All this in an environment of perpetual teaching innovation with strategically aligned programmes and an established and committed teaching staff.

BAU is located in 22@ in the Poblenou district, Barcelona’s technological and design centre. Its university campus measures over 8,500 m2 and is composed of two industrial warehouses on carrer Pujades, which have been completely renovated and restored for design education.

The campus places BAU students within an international and multidisciplinary community, providing academic and multicultural immersion that prepares them for careers filled with both personal and professional opportunities and relationships.

And all this in Barcelona, a city that becomes our field of analysis and experimentation for the development and testing of creative design projects and solutions.

The campus

We will provide the tools and the methodology. You provide the Talent

BAU is constantly expanding and improving its infrastructures to modernise and align them with both the new and the ongoing needs that are generated by design and research for the improvement of society and social transformation.

The centre, at over 8,500 m2, is home to all manner of technical and audiovisual facilities for the production and prototyping of creative/design solutions. And all this in an ever-changing neighbourhood with great access to public transport and cycle lanes, as well as an abundance of accommodation and leisure activities in the surrounding area. 

Workshops and classrooms

BAU provides students with supervised open workshops to allow them to develop their projects independently during the school’s opening hours (including designated Saturdays).








An eco-friendly Centre

At BAU we encourage a healthy culture and responsible consumption. In order to contribute to the environment and society, we promote a philosophy for academia and life that focuses on social transformation and the common good.

This commitment is embodied in our facilities, which have a heating energy system that connects to the Barcelona waste network, and also our promotion of the use of sustainable methods of transport.



The Bar of BAU, is located in the centre of the main building and provides a catering service as well as self-service appliances. This is without a doubt the epicentre of BAU, where the creative perspectives and problems of the students, teachers and researchers can converge.


BCN City Guide

Our community extends beyond BAU and Poblenou, and is present throughout the city and its surroundings. From the beach that is just four streets away, to the central neighbourhood of El BORN, which is just a fifteen-minute walk. Our students are immersed in Barcelona's creative environment where intellectual curiosity and social activism interact creatively with art, design and innovation.

Come and discover what life is like in one of the most creative cities/communities in the world.





Poblenou, the innovation and design district of the Catalan capital. 22@

Poblenou is currently known and recognised for bringing together a significant portion of Barcelona's creative and technological industries. This formerly industrialised neighbourhood is now a hub for contemporary creation with a focus on the design industry, ICT and university education and research, in addition to being one of Barcelona's most fashionable areas and a melting pot for the city’s alternative movements. Without a doubt, the perfect place to fully experience design culture.


A 10-minute walk from the beach

And if you get a little stressed and need to disconnect, what better way than by taking a dip in the sea or gazing at the horizon to find inspiration for your most important projects.

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Come and meet us!

BAU doesn't close for Holidays. If you have any questions or queries or want to come and visit the center, you can make an appointment (online or onsite) and we will attend you personally.
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