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Doctorate Program

The Doctorate Programme in Design and Communication supports the qualitative growth of high-level academic research in the fields of design and communication.


In relation to design specifically, an emerging field from an academic perspective, it aims to encourage the creation of rigorous high-quality doctoral theses based on design projects. This will culminate in the promotion of research and experimentation within this field.

Furthermore, the strong links that have been established between design and other knowledge spheres, above all with the field of communication, also represent an opportunity to enrich all facets of this research, not only those of a technological or industrial nature, but also by exploring the philosophical, social, political, cultural and artistic dimensions.

Technical information

Qualification: Doctorate in Design and Communication

Edition: 1st

Centre: Doctoral School of BAU, Design College of Barcelona and the Doctoral School of UVIC-UCC.

Languages: Catalan/Spanish and English

Places: 10

Duration: 3 years

Distinctive features

  • The first PhD in Design and Communication in the Spanish university system.
  • 3rd cycle studies pioneering in a new emerging area of research: design and communication.
  • Developing doctoral theses from applied research projects, by applying reflection, trends in contemporary thought and critical practice.
  • Working in a line of research to carry out theoretical and applied research that will revolutionise the future workforce.
  • Taught by a group of professors with accredited sexennial service and experience in various fields of communication and design.
  • Five consolidated research groups recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya enrolling doctoral theses and carrying out research projects: Audiovisual Translation, Communication and Territory (TRACTE)Learning Media and Social Interactions (LMI)Education (GREUV), Political Science Institute (IMP) and Design and Social Transformation (GREDITS).
  • Strong network of international contacts in the fields of communication and design in some of the most important universities in Europe and beyond.
  • Publication of online indexed journals, 'Obra digital', edited by Dr. Ruth Contreras and 'Inmaterial', edited by Luis Guerra.
  • BAU has become a centre of reference in Barcelona by offering this PhD in Design and Communication together with UVic-UCC.
  • Both BAU and UVic have special facilities and spaces to carry out applied research projects.


This doctorate programme aims to academically enhance studies in design and communication, thus completing an academic framework in these disciplines, alongside related undergraduate and master’s degrees. This doctorate programme facilitates the completion of third-cycle studies in design and communication, contributing to the creation of a research community and new knowledge on these subjects while providing the opportunity to consolidate research on methodologies in the design and communication fields.

Lines of research

The doctorate programme is structured according to two lines of research:

  • Design and Society. Politics, art and education
  • Communication and its environments. Corporations and Institutions; media, networks and territory

Research groups

To accomplish the objectives of the programme and to ensure the multidisciplinary approach desired for doctoral theses, this doctorate programme boasts participation from researchers from the Business and Communication Faculty of UVic-UCC and BAU School of Design, who are members of the following research groups:

  • Design and Social Transformation Research Group (GREDITS)
  • Institute of Political Materiality
  • UVic-UCC Educational Research Group (GREUV)
  • Learning, Media & Social Interactions Research Group (LMI)
  • Audiovisual Translation, Communication and Territory Research Group (TRACTE)

Career Opportunities

The main professional opportunities provided by this doctorate programme are:

  • Research in the doctorate programme’s specific fields (public or private institutions).
  • Teaching within the doctorate programme’s specific fields (public or private institutions).
  • Employment in public institutions/bodies (local, state or international).
  • Employment in private institutions/companies related to the specific fields of the programme.

Research infrastructures

All doctoral students enrolled in the doctorate programme will be integrated into a research group, therefore they can use the general spaces and workshops that are available at the Faculty of Business and Communication and those of BAU School of Design, the centre partnering with UVic-UCC. They can also make use of the spaces specific to the research group, which encourages interaction between doctoral students and other members of the group or the director. Due to the nature of the studies included in the programme which relate to the field of design and communication, the workshops, studios and laboratories as well as the technical and artistic equipment available at the two centres, in addition to the library services, will be at the disposal of doctoral students and researchers.

Access, admission and enrolment

1st enrollment period

  • Pre-registration: From June 20th to July 1st of 2022
  • Admission: From September 1st to 15th of 2022

The admission and enrolment process for the Doctorate Programme in Design and Communication is conducted through the Doctoral School of the UVIC-UCC.

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