Companies and Professional Integration

BAU's Professional Integration Service responds to the integration needs of companies, students and alumni, and accompanies them through their development in the work environment.

Companies and Professional Integration



Each year, more than 150 new agreements are signed with a broad range of companies and institutions linked to the world of arts and design.

These corporate links, along with the annual planning of actions and career guidance programmes, enable our students and alumni to access the labour market through external internships or professional recruitment.


Company internships

Company internships are a training activity that allows students to apply and build upon the knowledge they have gained, thereby encouraging the acquisition of key skills for their professional practice.

There are different modalities of practices in companies:

Curricular internships

These are designed as an academic activity that is integrated into the curriculum of the Degree in Design and the Degree in Fine Arts, and are completed during the 4th year of the programme. They have the same status as any other subject and are therefore compulsory.

Extracurricular internships

These internships can be voluntarily undertaken by all BAU students. They are not integrated into the various curricula and are carried out in the same way as the curricular internships at companies, institutions, entities and even in BAU's own services and departments.

Short-term placements (Prácticas no laborales)

The SOC gives unemployed alumni the opportunity to complete short-term placements (prácticas no laborales) with a company for a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 9 months. The aim is to provide young people with recognised work experience for their future employment.

Internships/working abroad

An internship or working abroad is one of the experiences that can add the most value to a professional CV. BAU students have the opportunity to complete internships abroad during their academic course. The programme that most students participate in is Erasmus Internships, but general and specific agreements can also be reached outside of Europe.

There are several options for completing internships or working abroad: registering on online job exchanges, checking the job offers in European countries of the EURES Network or browsing the offers that are posted on the various BAU offer management platforms.


Search offers

BAU students and alumni have access to the various offer portals, where they will find a diverse range of internship and work opportunities related to their qualifications.




Career Guidance

The Professional Integration Department provides students and alumni with various orientation activities to help them make the transition into the working world during the course of their university life.

In accordance with our professional integration plan, we provide training and orientation activities, follow up on active participation in competitions, promote grants, and organise events focused on networking and entrepreneurship.

Training activities programme

The training activities are aimed at our students for the purpose of helping them to design their academic and professional career plans. These training programmes can be customised at an individual or group level.

CV and cover letter (April): the CV and cover letter are worked on as they represent the initial contact with the working world. This activity is supported by the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) of the Government of Catalonia and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Job interview (April): optimal resources are provided to allow students to face a job interview with confidence and ultimately be successful. This activity is supported by the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) of the Government of Catalonia and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Portfolio creation guidance (May): resources and tips are provided to enable students to present a selection of their works and projects that are focused on the current market in the best possible way.

Create your elevator pitch (May): each student's distinguishing communication aspects are worked on so they can be used in different areas and resources (networking, portfolio, social profiles, fairs, professional meetings, etc.). This activity is managed by BAU and the Career Guidance Coordination Service from Barcelona Activa (Barcelona City Council).

BAU TALENT (September): to coincide with the end of the course, BAU organises this networking event where companies and students can meet to open up communication channels and professional opportunities.

Cycle of orientation activities

The orientation activities are aimed at our students with the goal of providing support and/or advice on topics of interest through various informative sessions.

Informative session on external internships (December): a session aimed at students of the Degree in Design and the Degree in Fine Arts to inform them about the procedure, management and timeframes of the curricular internships.

Information session on internships abroad (February): orientation session to provide information about the possibility and procedures of undertaking an internship abroad through the Erasmus internships grant.

Information session on the cycle of actions for promoting talent (March): informative session to provide insight into how to bring companies closer to our students through networking sessions.

Masterclass: Personal branding, networking and LinkedIn (May): a masterclass aimed at junior profiles to improve their positioning in the professional environment through networking and LinkedIn.


Internship grants for students represent a great professional opportunity for getting started in the working world.

Erasmus internships: These are grants for undertaking internships of a minimum of 3 months at companies or institutions in other European countries. They are aimed at university students and managed by their home university. To help with finding a company or entity that offers internships in another country, various channels are available: search engines, embassies, unions, professional associations, multinationals, employment portals for each sector, etc.

Santander Grant for Company Internships: The Santander-Crue-CEPYME grant programme is a joint initiative of Crue Universidades Españolas, Banco Santander and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CEPYME) that facilitates young people's access to the working world. For this purpose, it awards grants for internships at small and medium-sized enterprises and with freelancers.

Conéctate Carnet Joven (Youth Card) Grants: The Catalan Youth Agency offers 12 Youth Card Grants, from the Conéctate Programme, with a financial allocation of 5,000 euros as well as one year's professional experience at a leading company performing skilled tasks. The included fields are design, illustration, photography, radio and written press, production, characterisation, costumes, musical montage, settings for television, and social action. Once the call for applications has been opened, you can download the terms and conditions and registration form at


BAU students take out a private insurance policy when completing their registration, this covers any accidents that may occur in the centre or on the journey to or from the internship centre.

Compulsory student insurance (Social Security)

This is the compulsory insurance for those under the age of 28 issued by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). It covers accidents that may occur at the centre or on the journey to or from the internship centre. For more information on coverage and benefits, visit the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) website.


Internships at companies

BAU has a very active job exchange, due to the large number of agreements and offers that we process annually thanks to the ongoing contact we maintain with a broad range of companies and institutions.

Throughout the academic year, there is the possibility of accepting interns, managing offers and participating in professional integration, orientation and networking activities.


Submitting offers

If someone wants to offer an internship or work placement, the vacancy can be posted on the various job portals managed by the Professional Integration Department.


Publication of internship offers - BAU STUDENTS

Job offer publication - BAU ALUMNI