Organizational structure

Board of Directors

Elisabeth Plantada, Director
Humbert Plantada, Academic director
Gerard Plantada, Manager

Bachelor Degrees 

Francisco Díaz, PhD studentHead of Studies Degree in Design
Lua Coderch, PhD, Head of Studies Degree in Fine Arts
Rebecca G. Mutell, PhD, departments coordinator
M. Àngels Fortea, PhD, Cultural Contexts coordinator
Josep M. Marimon, PhD student, Materialities and Technologies department coordinator
Carla Boserman, PhD, Composition and Languages department coordinator
Mireia Feliu, PhD, Design Projects department coordinator. Final project degree coordinator
Pierino dal Pozzo, Interior design itinerary coordinator of Degree in Design
Pau de Riba, PhD studentGraphic design and visual communication itinerary coordinator of Degree in Design
Frank María, PhD student, Audiovisual design itinerary coordinator of Degree in Design
Joan Ros, PhD student, Fashion Design itinerary coordinator of Degree in Design
Astrid Plantada, Pedagogical consultant

Masters and Postgraduates

Astrid Plantada and Mònica Mestanza, Masters and Postgraduates coordinators
Cecilia de Marinis, PhD., Master's Degree in Research and Experimentation in Design coordinator
Frank María, PhD student, Master in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments coordinator;  Master in Stop Motion Animation coordinator
César Úbeda, Master in Design of Digital Experiences coordinator
Sandra Bosch, Master in Service Design and Master in Graphic Design coordinator
Andrés Salvarezza, Master in Graphic Design coordinator
Enric Batlle and Anna Munni, Master in Design of Branding and Packaging coordinators
Magí del Campo, Master in Motion Graphics Design coordinator
Berto Martínez and Sito Mújica, Master in Creative Illustration coordinators
Jordi Álvarez, Master in Communication and Digital Contents Creation and Master in Graphic Communication Design coordinator
Yoli Inácio, Master in Graphic Communication Design coordinator
Joan Maroto, Master in Interior Design coordinator

Diploma in Graphic Design

Sandra Bosch and Andrés Salvarezza, Coordinators

PhD Program

Jordi de San Eugenio, PhD., PhD program in Design and Communication Coordinator at UVic-UCC
Jaron Rowan, PhD., PhD program in Design and Communication Coordinator at BAU

PhD Unit

Jaron Rowan, PhD., Head of Research and PhD Unit Director at BAU

Research Unit

Jaron Rowan, PhD., Head of Research and PhD Unit Director at BAU


Gerard Plantada, Head of HR


Mar Moreno, Head of Secretary and Academic Management
Gemma Casabon
Rocío Bleda
Desi Martínez
Ronny Álvarez
Laura Jiménez
Irene Vallès


Gerard Plantada, Head of Administration
Rocío Bleda, Secretary
Carlota Lazaga, Accounting support


Gemma Casabon, Quality Manager

Job Placement / Career Center


Desi Martínez, Head of the Job Placement and Career Center, Management of Extracurricular Practices


Christian Giribets, Marketing Manager


Jordi Álvarez, Communication Manager and Institutional Relations Manager
Susanna Garcia, Communication. Academic communication coordinator
Jana Jubert, Communication
Pablo Mayal, Audiovisual Design
Pere Tomeu, Audiovisual
Adrià Paz, Graphic and Web Design
Jaume Pujagut, Graphic Design. Cultural Production and Activities Coordinator 
Batllegroup, Corporate Identity and Graphic Design


Susanna Garcia, alumni coordinator

Counseling and admissions

Pau Torres, Officer
Guillermo Krauel, Officer

International relations

Jordi Álvarez, International Relations manager

Mobility and Erasmus

Jordi Álvarez, Mobility and Erasmus manager
Mar Moreno, Academic Management

ITC Area

Humbert Plantada, ITC Head - Information and Communication Technologies
Josep Mª Marimon, TED Coordinator - Technologies and Tools for Teaching
Sergi B. García, Virtual Campus Coordinator
Manuel Espinoza, Head of Computer Maintenance
Carlos Muñoz, IT Management and Information Systems

Infrastructure and Services Area

Gerard Plantada, head of Infraestructure and Services Area


Sergi B. García, Library Manager

BAU Editions

M. Àngels Fortea, PhD and Mafe Moscoso, PhD, Coordinators
Jaume Pujagut, Design and production

El Cub

Marta Pujagut, Head of El Cub (reprography center and sale of design material)


Fredy Álvarez, Manager
Xavi Álvarez, Technician
Álex Paredes, Technician
Fran Paredes, Technician
Jorge Montesinos, Technician