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BAU College's system for internal quality assurance 

Bau, Design College, has always strived to ensure the implementation of a quality assurance system. For this reason, the UNE_EN_ISO:9001 quality management system was implemented in 2002 and, since 2007, with the introduction of the EHEA, a system for internal quality assurance and continuous improvement has been put in place, in accordance with the guidelines of UVic-UCC’s internal system for guaranteeing quality. Every year we assess factors such as the satisfaction of students with the faculty, the school’s infrastructure and its services, along with the employment of former students, among other things.

The quality of Bau’s training, assessed by AQU (Agency for the Quality of the University System in Catalonia) certifies our present and our future.



Teaching metrics for the development and analysis of degrees: Winddat
Metrics of the University Studies of Catalonia: EUC


External evaluation reports

Portal of evaluation reports of the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia: EUC
National Agency for Quality and Accreditation: ANECA


Internal evaluation reports

Self-Report 2014
ISC 2014-2015
ISC 2015-2016
Improvement Plan 2015-2016
ISC 2016-2017
Improvement Plan 2016-2017


Quality and Processes Manual

In accordance with the commitment to transparency that is demanded of university institutions within the EHEA framework, and in line with the approach to the practice of design and implementation of university qualifications established by Royal Decree 1383/2997 on the regulation of official university education, amended by Royal Decree 861/2010, BAU (UVic-UCC) guarantees that its actions ensure the achievement of the objectives associated with the training included in the qualifications being taught. In order to achieve this goal, BAU (UVic-UCC) has officially implemented a policy and system for internal quality assurance, both of which are available for public review.

SGIQ_2009 BAU (Currently being developed)

SGIQ 2016_BAU (Currently being developed)