Master in Audiovisual Innovation & Interactive Environments

Luca Carrubba

Cultural manager, Digital art curator

Qualifications and academic training

Doctor from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, doctoral program in Advanced Study of Artistic Production

Activity and/or professional career

Carrubba (Italy, 1981) is a Doctor of Fine Arts, a sociologist of communication and a specialist in interactive technology. Throughout his career he has collaborated with different institutions in Spain and the Americas, such as the Tabakalera International Culture Center, the Digital Culture Center of Mexico or Idartes Bogotá, among others. As a researcher and academic, he has published numerous articles and essays on technology, art, video games and digital culture, teaching at different national and international universities. His theoretical production is accompanied by a long history of artistic creation with the project addressing computer code as a creative artifact. He is currently curator of the exhibition Homo Ludens: video games to understand the present, by the La Caixa Foundation. Before and after all this, Carrubba is co-director of Arsgames, an international organization that works at the intersection between art, science, technology and citizen participation with video games, a brand under which to this day he develops all of his projects. "


  • Videojuegos en disputa: la experiencia videolúdica y los videojuegos que vendrán. Aguaderradama, Fundación Universitaria ARCOS, Chile (2023)
  • Homo Ludens: videojuegos para entender el presente. Exhibition catalogue, Laie, Barcelona (2021)
  • Disputando el futuro, jugando con el mundo. El videojuego como artefacto de predicción y comprensión, in collaboration. Revista Occidente, Vol- jun-jul, Fundación Marañon, Madrid (2023)
  • El videojuego en la periferia. Prácticas culturales desde los márgenes del ocio digital, en colaboración. Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla [in press] (2023)
  • Play with Identity. The Avatar never lies. Curatorial text for the exhibition catalog Play – vidoegames arte e oltre, La Venaria Reale, Sagep Editori, Torino (2022)


  • Madrid In Game Experience, curator, in collaboration (2023-24)
  • La ciutat en joc, commissioner, in collaboration. Cibeles Center Center, Madrid,
  • GameArtopia: playable archive of Ibero-American GameArt, director. Digital archive project according to the Dublin-core standard of Spanish and Latin American GameArt Works (2023)
  • Cntrl-ALT-PLAY. alternativas lúdicas al control, curator of the exhibition produced by Fundación Etopia (2022)
  • Homo Ludens: videojocs per entendre el present, curator of the exhibition produced by Fundación La Caixa (2022-26)


  • Digital Jove, Valencia City Council (2021)
  • Repte Canodróm, Barcelona City Council (2016)