Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is applicable at BAU, College of Arts & Design of Barcelona and is based on values ​​such as respect, commitment, equity and responsibility towards people.

This Code will fulfill its purpose if it becomes a benchmark that inspires the conduct of the institution / organization / Center and each of its members.

BAU’s code of ethics is based on the general principles of action that should characterize the ethical conduct of the BAU community (teaching and research staff, administration and services staff, students, positions and managers) before society.

The ethical code is deployed in ten principles inherent to the organization towards the people who work and study, in the service, as well as to the actions of the people and to the relational dimension:

  1. Mutual respect with the disapproval of any type of violent conduct.
  2. Equal treatment of all people, avoiding all discrimination based on birth, racial or ethnic origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, opinion.
  3. Academic honesty with adequate recognition of the authorship of the ideas, materials or documents that are generated and used.
  4. The quality to achieve excellence in learning, teaching and research activity and in organizational processes.
  5. Educational, technological and institutional innovation to enhance entrepreneurial initiatives and people's creativity.
  6. The critical spirit and constructive criticism as an instrument of progress of the institution.
  7. Efficiency to manage the activities of individuals and work groups in a way that optimizes the performance of available resources.
  8. Professionalism with our objectives, obligations or positions and with the good image of BAU, University Design Center.
  9. The responsibility in the administration of the resources attending to the real needs and the availability of means and material lambs.
  10. Sustainability and preservation of the environment.