Master in Service Design

Marta Aymerich

Expert in Creativity, Innovation and Talent

Qualifications and academic training

  • Graphic Design by la Llotja de Barcelona
  • Agile Management & Scrum at La Salle, Ramon Llull

Activity and / or professional career

Marta has worked for more than 25 years as a graphic designer in multidisciplinary projects, both for national and international brands, being a member of Color Marketing Group, one of the American entities specialized internationally in global color trends.

She currently helps brands, companies and institutions to launch their creative resources and enhance their talents in innovation processes, design, color and trends in any field or area, always with an agile mentality and a practical and innovative approach.


For the last three years she has been researching the workings of creativity in the human brain and how we use it as a vital, professional and artistic tool.


Eating & Designing. Graphics in Restaurants. Index Book
Symbols, Pictograms & Silhouettes. Index Book


  • Catalunya Rural Hub in La Garrotxa, Creativity workshops  /  Barcelona Digital Talent + MWCB (2021)
  • Color & Trends, workshop. BAU Master in Graphic Design (2019-20)
  • Color & Trends, conference and workshop 2018 / Roca Gliwice, ODDC Awards and Roca Design Team (2028)
  • Color + light = emotion, workshop. DesignWeek Barcelona by Espacio Simon 100 (2018)
  • Conference and round table. Roca Awards for the hotel initiative (2018)