Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

Jaume Ferrete

Artist, researcher and teacher. Voice, performance and technologies

Qualifications and academic training

  • PhD student at BAU
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona
  • Senior Technician in Web Application Development from the Institut Obert de Catalunya

Activity and/or professional career

He regularly collaborates with spaces and institutions such as the Museum of Art Contemporary from Barcelona; the Mercat de les Flors; the radio of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid; Secession in Vienna; Q02 in Brussels; TEOR/ethics in San José; Art Center 2 de Mayo in Móstoles or the UNAM Contemporary Art University Museum in Ciudad from Mexico, among many others.

He has also collaborated in undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs at universities such as the Open University of Catalonia; the University of Barcelona; University Iberomaericana and the Gender Studies Program of the UNAM in Mexico City; the University of the Basque Country or the Public University of Navarra among others.

As a researcher, he has been a speaker at congresses, seminars and symposia in these and other institutions, state and international, such as KASK in Ghent; the Center for Interdisciplinary Voice Studies from the University of Essetex; or the Center of Documentation and Advanced Studies of Contemporary Art in Murcia.


He works around the notion of voice and listening politics or ideologies. Through, mainly performance, sound and with a critical approach to technology. Actually, he is developing a doctoral research around the 'other relationships' that we can establish with synthetic voices like those of Alexa, or Siri, in the context of the


  • Auto, hyphen, open parenthesis, veu, in Journal for Interdisciplinary Voice Studies
  • Bodies Reappear as Action, in Performance Research
  • There are none so deaf', in Grounds for possible music, Errant Bodies Press


  • Alexa in 'BCN Production', La Capella, Barcelona ES, 2021
  • Voice is the new touch, in 'Idiorrhythmias', MACBA, Barcelona ES, 2020
  • Árbol sordo, UNAM Contemporary Art University Museum, Mexico City MX, 2017
  • Tu padre está hablando con la voz de mi padre in Ecolalias, Radio del Museo Reina Sofia, 2016
  • Voz Mal, various spaces, part of the MACBA collection, 2012-2017


It has received various awards such as an acquisition of works from MACBA, a Premi Ciutat de Barcelona Scholarship, the 2016 Generation award from La Casa Encendida in Madrid, the Leonardo Scholarships for Researchers and Cultural Creators, aid from the Support Office for the Cultural Initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya or a stay of the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation and Development, among others.