Pattern Design IV

Teaching staff

Marta Morralla

Marta Morralla

Graduated in Fashion design from the BAU in 2007.

Graduated in Fashion design from the BAU in 2007. Marta has worked for several prêt-à-porter fashion brands like Jose Castro, and she currently works as a pattern designer at Boris Bidjan Saberi.

Fact sheet

Formal qualifications: Bachelor's Degree in Design

Credits: 6

Semester: 1

Course: Fourth

Typology: Elective Fashion Design

Code subject: GDVM54


Carrying out the Final Project, which consists of developing the patterns for an innovative original collection, and knowing how to do fitting tests on a body to improve and modify prototypes.



  • Development of the patterns for the Final Project.
  • Fittings for the Final Project.



  • Draws and develops the patterns for their own collection, which display a high level of technical complexity.
  • Correctly assesses the fitting of the pieces from their own collection.
  • Identifies and solves problems of the prototypes of their own collection.
  • Is able to successfully handle complex situations or those which require new solutions, both in academic and professional contexts, in the field of fashion design.
  • Assumes different roles and responsibilities in collaborative individual work and assesses the results obtained.



  • SS3. The ability to conceptualise and experiment with suggestions for design projects, and approach them with a proactive and problem solving attitude that will facilitate decisive solutions to real or potential problems, all the while taking into account the integration of cultural, artistic and instrumental approaches.
  • SS5. Excellent command of languages of expression, graphic representation techniques, digital imaging tools, and formal and manual production techniques specific to different fields of design, thereby enabling their consistent application in the experimentation, development, execution and presentation processes inherent to professional projects.



  • Observation of participation
  • Monitoring of the work produced
  • Realisation of works or projects