Marketing and Fashion

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Fernando Aguileta de la Garza

Fernando Aguileta de la Garza

Graduate in Communication specialising in the Fashion and Visual Culture sectors.

Graduate in Communication specialising in the Fashion and Visual Culture sectors. History and Marketing lecturer for the Fashion itinerary of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design from Bau Design College. Guest lecturer at IDEC-UPF and the Complutense University of Madrid. ELLE magazine. Training Associate at SOFOCO, with experience in mass-consumption marketing, research, journalism and managing freelance projects for: GRAZIA magazine,, Grupo Editorial Planeta, ACTM Clúster Tèxtil Moda de Catalunya.

Fact sheet

Formal qualifications: Bachelor's Degree in Design

Credits: 6

Course: Fourth

Typology: Elective Fashion Design

Code subject: GDVM44


Business marketing is a continuous process for any brand or designer for the marketing of fashion products, from its initial management to customer satisfaction, taking into account the intrinsic difference between supply and demand.

Fashion designers will gain knowledge about the fundamentals of marketing and how to manage their own creativity to their own personal or business benefit. These skills will be acquired through research, workshops and analytical tools, which designers will then be able to use when facing clients or projects.



I. Introduction to Marketing

  • Marketing as a strategic concept.
  • Consumer and market behaviour.
  • Planning processes.
  • SWOT Analysis and Monitoring.
  • Business Marketing and Personal Marketing.

II. Fashion Market and Marketing Mix

  • Macro/microeconomic framework.
  • Segmentation and Positioning.
  • Decision-making processes for purchases.
  • Introduction to business policies.
  • The process of Fashion Marketing.
  • The 7 p's and the digital age.

III. Fashion Product Development

  • Product: quantitative / qualitative analysis.
  • Attributes, dimensions and classification.
  • Fashion product mix.
  • Breadth, depth, length.
  • Collection chart.

IV. Planning and management of fashion products

  • Creator-manager system: competitive variable / aesthetic variable.
  • Product identity: From the mood board to making series and their functions.
  • Variables and style codes between lines and ranges.
  • Product planning: executive development.



  • Understands the business processes related to the current fashion industry.
  • Evaluates the market, the demand for product-fashion and the commercial viability from a critical perspective.
  • Shows proactivity.
  • Applies field-specific procedures when analysing fashion collections.
  • Solves problems and situations that arise from professional development and innovative and proactive approaches.



  • SS6. Act within the framework of the regulations and laws in force on intellectual property, while considering how the economic and business sides of design, culture, industry and technology operations work.
  • SS11. Efficiently planning and organising the personal or team work processes of a design project, structuring and prioritising its phases, tasks and responsibilities and, subsequently, evaluating the results obtained according to the previous challenges.



  • Observation of participation
  • Monitoring of the work produced
  • Reports from students and tutors
  • Realisation of works or projects
  • Presentation of projects
  • Others:
    • Workshops
    • Fieldwork