Bachelor Degree in Design

Pía Fontana

Architect and Urban Planner. Specialized in the design of public, educational and exhibition spaces

Qualifications and academic training

  • AQU Associate Teacher Accreditation. (2016)
  • Postdoctoral stay at the National University of Colombia UNAL. (2014)
  • Postdoctoral stay at the Universitá degli Studi di Bologna UniBO. (2013)
  • AQU Lecturer Accreditation. (2013)
  • PhD in Architectural Projects, UPC. (2012)
  • Postgraduate in Projecting the place of the Master's Degree in Urban Planning, UPC. (2000)
  • Diploma in Editorial Production Technician, GenCat. (2000)
  • Architect Universitá degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (1997)

Activity and/or professional career

Architect, teacher, researcher and popularizer. Professor at various universities and national and international entities (UdG; UPC; UOC; Escola Sert-COAC; UNAL, Colombia; La Salle, Bogotá; UniBo-Bologna).
Co-director since 2000 of the mayorga+fontana arquitectos studio based in Barcelona, ​​Naples and Bogotá. Through her professional activity, she has developed public space projects, improvement interventions in educational centers and campuses; design of exhibition projects and housing renovations.
Co-director since 2017 of the City F.O.V. Urban Lab in Barcelona, ​​where they work on habitability and architectural and urban sustainability, exploring new technologies and modalities of technical-participatory processes from a transdisciplinary approach. They carry out commissions (plans, programs, projects) for public entities and municipalities and also collaborate in research projects with universities and cultural entities.


She investigates the relationship between architecture and city, especially between building/urban space, emphasizing the interscalar and interdisciplinary approach to the project, from the comparative view of the morphology and topology of space. The role of the intermediate spaces, the thick facades, the ground floors and, in general, the "in-between" spaces stands out as fundamental articulators to understand our environment and its multiple relationships.
She also investigates in the field of visual culture as a project and design tool, with special emphasis on the relationship between cinema, architecture and the city and on the approach to the project through photography and image, in its dual role: as projection tool and as a research topic.
She has collaborated in several projects financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain and has been linked to several research groups in Italy, Spain and Colombia. She has participated in international conferences and as a guest speaker at entities and universities in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, USA.
She has been a curator and designer of various exhibitions in Italy, Spain, and Colombia.


  • Learning from Denise Scott Brown. Beyond Learning from Las Vegas ”In: RA. Architecture Magazine. N.23. Who designs the architecture? On silenced and overlapping authorship. (2021)
  • Houses, streets, neighborhoods and cities that heal? In Architecture from home. Chronicles of confinement March-May 2020. Escola Sert / COAC (2020)
  • Bogotá in the gaze of 10 photographers. IDPC (District Institute of Cultural Heritage), Bogotá. Book and exhibition. (2018)
  • “Can schoolyards make a city? / Can playgrounds make the city? " In: PPA Project Magazine, Progreso, Arquitectura. N. 17 School architecture and education. (2017)
  • Coastal fringes and landscape project: three intervention strategies on the southern Italian coast. In Zarch, Journal of interdisciplinary studies in Architecture and Urbanism. Thematic number: Perspectivas Paisajisticas / Landscape Perspectives. (2016)

 Collaborations in periodicals


  • Home renovation in via Tiziano, Aversa. Italy (2020)
  • House in Chinauta. Colombia (2012)
  • Environmental improvements of schoolyards. Barcelona. Spain (Escola Fort Pienc, 2008-2013 / Institut 4 Cantons del Poblenou, (2016-19)
  • Funeraria La Aurora, Manizales. Colombia (2014)


  • The Future of Infrastructures Contest Award. AMB. Barcelona. Knot Kisses. (2021)
  • Contest Award "Participa a l'escola" 2019 / "Generalitat de Catalunya". Improvement of the courtyard of the Quatre Cantons del Poblenou Institute. (2020)
  • World Data Viz Challenge Barcelona-Kobe Awards. BCN City Council. (2019-20)
  • Contest award "Hack The School" Jaume Bofill Foundation. "Inside and outside. Rethinking school spaces and elements ”. La Farigola del Clot School. (2017)
  • International Ideas Competition Award. Project "Parque Juan Amarillo - Ciudadela Colsubsidio". SCA. Bogota (2017)