Bachelor Degree in Design

Mariona Genís

Doctor Architect. Specialized in educational spaces

PhD in Arquitect Architecture from UPC, her research is linked to teaching innovation in the fields of architecture, architectural restoration and design. Coordinates the Pedagogy and Design line of the GREDITS research group. She has participated in international seminars and congresses and in research projects financed nationally.

She is an associate professor of the Degree in Design and coordinator of the area of ​​pedagogical innovation in BAU, Design College of Barcelona. She participates as a guest professor and coordinator in various masters, postgraduate and courses of the UPC School and the College of Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Tarragona on architectural restoration. She has been invited to give lectures on teaching innovation and architectural restoration at the UPC, at the College of Architects of Catalonia, at the UNACH and the UDG (Mexico), among others.

She shares architecture studies with Jordi Planelles Salvans since 2001. Her professional activity includes architecture and interior design projects published in various media, and rehabilitation and restoration interventions in various cultural assets of national and local interest.