Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

Lúa Coderch

PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production

Qualifications and academic background

  • PhD in Fine Arts (Advanced Studies in Artistic Productions) from the University of Barcelona.
  • Master in Productions and Research from the University of Barcelona.
  • Graduate in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona
  • Graduate in Applied Arts in Sculpture, Escola Massana

Activity and/or professional career

Works in sculptural practices, audiovisual languages and processes of research and experimentation in art and design. He combines narrative and objectual practices in videos, performances and installations that he configures as research devices, articulating the relationship between the superficial, aesthetic and phenomenological dimension of our common life and its latent philosophical and political implications.


Currently, she is a member of the research group IMARTE (Grupo de investigación, arte, ciencia y tecnología) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, with the current research project IN>TRA2. La lectura como práctica artística: nuevos modelos de decodificación creativa (PGC2018-093862-B-C21).


  • Belly. To lose your head (idols). Catalonia in Venice = Perdre el cap (idols), pp. 108-131. Barcelona: Tenov (2019).
  • Sentido. Humanities in action, pp. 217-226. Barcelona. Rayo Verde (2019)


  • Life of O, CentroCentro. Madrid (2018)
  • [Shelter], BBVA Foundation. Madrid (2018)
  • The Girl With No Door On Her Mouth, Àngels Barcelona (2018)
  • [Shelter] As long as summer lasts, The Ryder. London (2018)
  • Souvenir (Onyx), Art Institute Vienna (2017)
  • The Rainbow Statement, BGW. Barcelona (2016)
  • Night in a Remote Cabin Lit by a Kerosene Lamp, Àngels Barcelona (2015)


  • FPU academic grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (2015)
  • Artistic scholarships BBVA Foundation Grants for Creation in Video Art (2015)
  • Fundació Guasch-Coranty artistic grant (2013)
  • A'dam Hangar-SMART grant from the international exchange programme HANGAR-AECID (2012)