Taller de fabricación digital aplicada: diseño de producto e innovación social

Joan Maroto

Architect Doctor. Specialized in relational design and digital manufacturing

PhD in Architecture. Bachelor in architecture from the ETSAB (UPC). Master in Theory and Practice of the Architectural Project (ETSAB-UPC).

In his personal career, he has combined the professional career with the academic career - research and teaching in several universities (ESTAB, UIC, IAAC) - and has participated in numerous courses, seminars and conferences of own and transversal disciplines (architecture, sociology, philosophy, art, entrepreneurship, creativity and digital fabrication). He has collaborated with the College of Architects of Catalonia, and has been the coordinator of the Social Production of Tarpuna Cooperativa de Iniciativas Sustentables Sostenibles.

Currently, he develops his professional activity in the Joan Maroto ARCH studio, he is a teacher at BAU in the area of ​​Interiors, and is a tutor of the Digital Manufacturing Workshop. He is a contributor to the pedagogical innovation research line in and through the design of GREDITS and is developing his doctoral thesis at the ETSAB-UPC 'Architectures for the emancipated inhabitant', a research in which to detect tools, strategies and projectual protocols for the designer in the framework of the game of re-positioning of actors at the same time as a search in which to detect and experience pedagogical instruments and environments within the framework of transdisciplinary design, co-creation processes and processes of self- Activation of creative environments within the framework of new ICT and digital-social fabrication