Letterpress in the era of social netrworks

Jesús Morentin

Bachelor's Degree in Design

Bachelor's Degree in Design from Ramon Llull University URL. Director of BunkerType.
He is connected from 1996 to teaching in both projectual and typographic fields, in 2009, he initiated a research and recovery project for old methods of printing with entirely manual processes using lead and wood typographies and created his Own workshop, BunkerType. Since then, he has worked on personal projects, among which his approaches to the work of the Dutch artist HN Werkman stand out with the project "The New Call", his personal and critical vision of Spanish society and politics with him The project "Spain Is Different" -which, thanks to the collaboration with the Gerd Arntz Estate Foundation, interpreted the singular and rich iconic universe of the German graphic artist- or his latest project "Futura_90", a tribute to the typography of Paul Renner on his 90th anniversary.