Master in Fashion Design and Technology

Jaron Rowan

Head of Research and PhD Unit Coordinator

Coordinator of the Research and PhD Unit UDR-BAU. Pedagogical coordinator of the Master's Degree in research and experimentation in design.

PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a Master's Degree in Cultural studies from the same university. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UB. He has taught at different universities and study centers such as the MA Culture Industry of Goldsmiths or the Degree in Humanities of the UOC. He has given numerous talks and workshops in cultural centers and contemporary art. He has published several books and collaborated in magazines, among which we can highlight Emprendizajes en cultura: speeches, institutions and contradictions of cultural entrepreneurship (2010), La tragedia del copyright (2013), Memes: Inteligencia idiota, política rara y folclore digital (2015) o Cultura libre de Estado (2016). He likes black metal, suits and unicorns.