Irma Vilà

Master's Degree in cultural practices in Art and new media

Rooted in science and engineering, but vitally close to the
creative praxis and research in culture, orchestra and is integrated into
international projects, hybrids of research in science, culture and
curated. The "Atlas del espacio electromagnético" and "Una cronología de
Las utopías del espectro radioeléctrico", shown at different
festivals and museums around the world, are paradigmatic examples
of this interweaving between art and science.
Co-founder of the cultural innovation laboratory ZZZINC, is part of
of the creative Catalan fabric through collaboration with collectives
and institutions such as Luthiers Drapaires, Telenoika or the CCCB. She coordinates
various exhibitions and activities in the Espacio Laboratorio del Centro Arts Santa
Mónica de Barcelona and at the ArtFutura festival, of which
coordinates the communication during several editions.
Currently she is also a professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
(UOC) of the Degree in Multimedia, the Degree of Digital Design and Creation and
of the Degree of Arts. She is the director of Mosaic magazine and co-director
executive of the scientific journal Artnodes.

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