Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts

Federica Matelli

Doctor. Graduated in Philosophy. Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art

Degrees and academic training

  • Doctor in Theory and History of Contemporary Art (Doctorate in Society and Culture) from the University of Barcelona
  • Master in Curating and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media by ESDI and Ramón Llull University, organized by MECAD, Media Center of Art and Design
  • Degree in Philosophy from the University of Pisa (Italy)

Activity and/or professional career

Independent researcher, teacher and curator. She has published in different media and gives lectures at seminars and conferences of different institutions and universities. She has worked as an independent curator at international festivals and shows. She proposes the study of artistic practice linked to everyday life in connection with other disciplines, such as philosophy, sociology or cultural studies.


Associate doctor of the AGI research group. Art, Globalization and Interculturality of the University of Barcelona. Since 2018 she has collaborated with the publishing house Materia Oscura (Segovia). From an interdisciplinary approach, her research focuses on the study of the concept of the everyday in relation to contemporary society and art, paying special attention to the period from 1980 to the present, providing the description and analysis of a theoretical turn produced through from the first decade of the 21st century that marks the passage from the textual to the speculative framework.


  • Pump up the volume! Teenagers and digital culture. A*Desk Guest Editor of the Month for May. Critical Thinking Magazine. A*DESK, International and Independent Institute of Criticism and Contemporary Art. Barcelona, ​​Spain (2022)
  • Ciutat. El futur no té data. Publication of the Terrassa Comissariat 2021 Cycle, edited by Terrassa Ars Visuals, Sala Moncunill, EspaiDos, Terrassa, Spain (2021)
  • Of rerum (post) nature. In “Between debris and things”, curated by Antonio R. Montesinos and edited by the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community. CCCC Center del Carmen. Valencia, Spain (2020)
  • Traducció posthumana a la quarta fase del capitalisme global: tecnologies digitals, llenguatges sensorials i Big Data. Un apropament crític des de l’art. In REG |AC. Journal of Global Studies and Contemporary Art. (2019)
  • Speculations on Anonymous Materials”: ​​speculation on the materiality of artistic capitalism as a critical response to the aestheticization of everyday life. In: Artnodes. Journal on Art, Science and Technology. SPECIAL ISSUE: Art & Speculative Futures. (2017)
  • Specualtive Realism/Materialism & #Accelerationism as a theoretical framework for a critical response to the aestheticization of everyday life. Essay in book. In: Critical Cartography of Art and Visuality in the Global Age (Vol II). Published By: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK (2017)
  • The everyday in contemporary artistic practices: towards the poetic-speculative regime. The case of Nicholas Lamas. In: Artnodes. Journal on Art, Science and Technology. Art Matters II


  • Ciutat. El futur no té data. Terrassa Comissariat 2021. Moncunill Room, EspaiDos, Terrassa City Council
  • Mecanització vs Automatització. MAU. 9th Mostra d'Art Urbá de Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts. Granollers (2020)
  • Miquel Garcia. Principios incuestionables. Elizabeth Hurley Gallery. Malaga (2019)
  • Jacopo Miliani. Parrots. Imágenes nuevas y encontradas. Within the framework of Fiva IV. International Video Art Festival. National Library of Buenos Aires, Jorge Luis Borges Room. Buenos Aires. Argentina (2014)


  • ADG Laus Award 2022 (bronze) for Graphic Design and Visual Communication from FAD. ADG-FAD and FAD for the Ciutat publication. The future does not date (2022)
  • Scholarship from the University of Plymouth for participation in the Forming the Future conference. An interdisciplinary conference (2019)
  • Disonancias 06. Research projects between international artists and Grupo Xabide's R&D&i units in the Basque Country. Cultural Management and Global Communication (2006)
  • MECAD Scholarship for Stay at ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Mediens, (2005)