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Visualisation and Documentation Workshop

This subject is a part of Communication, Expression and Documentation and it's taught in English

  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Year: First year
  • Type: Basic Training
  • Subject code: GB03


This subject is a part of Communication, Expression and Documentation and it aims to provide students with the tools to communicate their work through audiovisual and graphic media in an effective, precise and creative way in their professional practice. It enables them to understand that the visualization supports and work documentation are also the means of shaping the practice and not a mere recording tool. Students will be presented with different approaches to the matter which will be treated through specific practical exercises, focused on exploring concrete problems and experimenting with different analog and digital tools. The proposals will be contextualized through historical and theoretical frameworks that enable situating each practice in relation to its tradition and contemporary languages, with specific referents and the analysis of its different physical, aesthetic and cultural dimensions.


Visualization and documentation of the work as an element of practice configuration. Development of strategies to communicate ideas, processes and results: adaptation of documentation processes to personal practice. Representation and visualization forms in professional projective and productive processes, their formats, languages and tools. Photographic documentation of processes and results: introduction to the photography techniques and the set. Portfolios, dossiers and other formats of presentation of contents in analog and digital formats. Introduction to digital image processing and editing. Introduction to graphic design tools. Ideation, development, conceptualization and production of works of visualization and documentation.

Learning outcomes

  • Clear and precise communication of knowledge, methodology, ideas, problems and solutions to all types of audiences (specialized and non-specialized).
  • Resolution of specific professional problems and situations with entrepreneurial and innovative attitudes.
  • Production of orthographically and grammatically correct reports and written documents (mainly of a technical nature) in Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • Adequate use of different analogical and digital tools and techniques for visualization and documentation of the work in projective and productive processes.
  • Use of the specific language of artistic practices as well as graphic, visual and audiovisual formats to communicate effectively and expressively in one’s field of work.
  • Adequate application of ad hoc forms of structuring information and connection of contents of different categories and origins.


David Ortiz Juan, Master in Visual Arts. Artistic production.

David Ortiz Juan

Master in Visual Arts. Artistic production.