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Sound Art Workshop

This subject is part of the Advanced Techniques, Technologies and Languages major subject

  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Year: Third and Fourth year
  • Type: Elective
  • Mention: Electives Degree in Fine Arts
  • Subject code: GBAOP16


Sound Art Workshop offers students the opportunity to deepen their comprehension of sound practices in the field of art through the ideation, development, conceptualisation and production of sound art pieces. It is a practical experimentation subject that relates the learning of technique with the emergence of languages. Practical experimentation is also related to different artistic frameworks, both contemporary and historical.


Sound in artistic practices, its genealogies and techniques. Review of the basic concepts of working with sound and its stages. From the soundscape to the narrative piece, sound art formats and their hybridisations. Languages, techniques and materialities; hacking, appropriation, experimentation, performance and installation. Introduction and experimentation with forms of listening. Introduction and experimentation with environments and tools for capturing, synthesising and editing sound. Ideation, development, conceptualisation and advanced production of sound pieces applied to artistic practices.

Learning outcomes

  • Acquisition and demonstration of advanced understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects as well as of working methodology in the field of artistic practices.
  • Identification of own training needs and the ability to organise own learning with a high degree of autonomy in all types of contexts (structured or not).
  • Analysis of personal and professional skills in relation to different areas of professional practice.
  • Produce orthographically and grammatically accurate reports and written documents (mainly of a technical nature) in Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • Show a motivated and committed attitude towards personal and professional improvement.
  • Conduct investigations integrating a feminist and egalitarian perspective.
  • Advanced resolution of processes of ideation, development, conceptualisation and production of sound works applied to artistic practices.
  • Record, create and manipulate sounds by making a conscious selection of different techniques and technologies for capturing, synthesising and editing sound according to the needs of the piece to be produced.
  • Communicate correctly using the language specific to the contexts of artistic practices in order to articulate intrinsic qualities and associative resonances in sound works.


Lúa Coderch, PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production

Lúa Coderch

PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production