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This subject is part of the Advanced Techniques, Technologies and Languages subject

  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Year: Third and Fourth year
  • Type: Elective
  • Mention: Electives Degree in Fine Arts
  • Subject code: GBAOP13


Programming Workshop offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding concerning the application of different programming environments to the artistic practices through the ideation, development, conceptualisation and production of works that introduce this aspect by applying it in an organic form according to the needs of each project. It is a practical experimentation subject that relates the learning of technique with the emergence of languages. Practical experimentation is also related to different artistic reference frameworks, both contemporary and historical. 

This workshop is a part of Languages, Techniques and Advanced Technologies. Its aim is to offer students the possibility to continue with the comprehension and improvement of techniques and technologies previously studied or to start learning new ones, being able to choose which languages, techniques and media are relevant to their practice.


  • Programming and artistic practices, their genealogies, fields of application and basic concepts.  
  • Critical approach towards the use of programming. 
  • Introduction to the different programming environments in the field of artistic practices, their reference and consultation tools. 
  • First generic steps in programming. 
  • Space coordinates, geometry and colour models. 
  • Automation, variables and conditionals. 
  • Animation through algorithms and interaction. 
  • Image manipulation. 
  • Ideation, development, conceptualisation and production of programming works applied to artistic practices. 
  • Adaptation to specific environments. 

Learning outcomes

  • Acquisition and demonstration of advanced understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects as well as of working methodology in the field of artistic practices. 
  • Identification of own training needs and the ability to organise own learning with a high degree of autonomy in all types of contexts (structured or not). 
  • Analysis of personal and professional skills in relation to different areas of professional practice. 
  • Produce orthographically and grammatically accurate reports and written documents (mainly of a technical nature) in Catalan, Spanish and English. 
  • Show a motivated and committed attitude towards personal and professional improvement.  
  • Conduct investigations integrating a feminist and egalitarian perspective.
  • Adequate management of processes of ideation, development, conceptualisation and production of programming pieces applied to artistic practices. 
  • Use the combination of different tools in an appropriate way to create programming works applied to artistic practices. 
  • Understand and use programming languages and the terminology of visual and graphic programming at a basic level.