the student carries out the ideation, development and communication of a personal project in the field of artistic practices, applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the studies.

  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
  • Credits: 12 ECTS
  • Year: Fourth year
  • Type: Final Project
  • Subject code: GBA29


The Final Degree Project gives students the opportunity to consolidate the skills and knowledge acquired throughout their studies in an integrative process that culminates in what could be considered as the first project in their professional career. The precise function of the subject is the ideation, development and presentation of a project in which students demonstrate the ability to apply research methods appropriate to the object of their study and to produce a high-quality research report and formal production. In addition, students need to demonstrate their capacity to plan the work process in accordance with the project, and the ability to communicate in a professional manner with experts from their work field using language specific to artistic practices.


The ideation, development and communication of a personal project in the field of artistic practices, applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the studies.      

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to perform in complex situations or situations that require the development of new solutions.
  • Ability to collect and interpret data and information on which to base conclusions, including reflections on issues of a social, scientific or ethical nature in the field of artistic practices.
  • Analyze own training needs and organize own learning with a high degree of autonomy in different contexts (structured and unstructured).
  • Apply own procedures of scientific research in the development of formative and professional activity.
  • Propose interventions in accordance with democratic values and universal design, showing respect for fundamental human rights.
  • Analyze situations, facts and professional & non-professional practices incorporating gender and intersectional perspective.
  • Integrate gender perspective and inclusivity when producing communication contents both in texts and audiovisual materials.
  • Conduct own research integrating a feminist and egalitarian perspective. 
  • Apply the processes of ideation, development, structuring, execution and narration of a personal project in the field of artistic practices in an advanced way, taking into account its research aspects.
  • Apply research methodologies appropriate to their object of study and produce an academic report that is coordinated with a formal professional production.
  • Apply creative communication strategies appropriate to the specific needs of a personal project.
  • Plan and solve formalization processes using techniques and tools at a professional level.
  • Choose and apply appropriate techniques, technologies and materials judiciously, responsibly and sensitively to meet the specific needs of a personal project in a professional manner.
  • Formulate creative solutions to constraints and problems of different natures.
  • Master the planning of the work processes, including those involving collaborative processes, and use time, economic and logistical viability criteria adjusted to the needs and objectives of the project.