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Art, Activism, Mediation and Pedagogy

This subject is part of Context of the Artistic Practices

  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Year: Second year
  • Type: Basic Training
  • Subject code: GBA16


In this basic training subject, first one from Contexts of Artistic Practices, students are made familiar with the way the professional, institutional and economic context of art works. The aim is to offer the guidance and practical skills needed in professional practice, and also to introduce a reflection framework that would enable understanding and critical analysis of the economic, labor, administrative and legal conditions under which it operates. In addition to theoretical expositions, students will get to know first-hand different contexts and agents through the programmed visits to different centers and spaces. Activities such as case studies, interviews, readings, exposition and debates on topics, reviews and other written work, as well as practical work with other formats and media for exploring different aspects of the discipline will be carried out during this subject.


Other possible communities and practices at the borders of the institutional contexts of art. Mediation. The social and educational approach. Community practices and civil self-management. Collective production of cultures and knowledge. Art as a device and as a tool. Artistic practices, activism and social transformation. Art and education, formal and informal practices. From art as education to education as art.

Learning outcomes

  • Acquisition and demonstration of advanced understanding of theoretical and practical aspects and working methodology in the field of artistic practices.
  • Respectful attitude towards linguistic, social and cultural diversity.
  • Respectful attitude towards diversity and equal opportunities, taking into account the gender intersection with other inequality aspects (age, class, race, sexuality and gender identity/expression, functional diversity, etc.).
  • Promoting gender equality within the framework of one's practice.
  • Capacity of identifying the main types of collectives, agents and practices which act in response to and/or to question the institutional sphere of art, the forms they adopt and the role they play.
  • Solid knowledge of the role of artistic practices in relation to activism, mediation and pedagogy.
  • Active participation in processes of collective knowledge production.


Lúa Coderch, PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production

Lúa Coderch

PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production