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  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Design
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Year: Second year
  • Type: Basic Training
  • Subject code: GBF022


This is a basic training subject that is part of Theoretical Foundations of Artistic Practices. Its objective is to introduce students to questioning the preconceived ideas of the human being inserted in a cultural context. It is an initiation to the critical analysis of cultural and social life, and a learning to recognize oneself in recognizing others. As it corresponds to the discipline, this subject examines the role of artistic practices and of the artist as part of a specific society, introducing the perspective and methodologies offered by anthropology.


Culture as a knowledge system. Anthropology and its history, an itinerary through different anthropological schools or trends. Social anthropology and cultural anthropology. Specific terminology to understand different social and cultural phenomena. Ethnography and ethnographic research methodology. Anthropology of the body and the anthropological body. Alterity. Cosmo-vision. Symbolic and cognitive anthropology. Social and cultural dimensions linked to social movements, communication and art, from a gender and intersectional perspective. Urban anthropology: itineraries, places and trends. Interactions between different social agents and spheres of influence.

Learning outcomes

  • Ability of critical reflection in the processes linked to the professional practice.
  • Integration of the gender and inclusiveness perspective when producing communication contents, in texts and audiovisual materials.
  • Judgments indicating a reflection on ethical, social and/or scientific issues.
  • Analysis of the surrounding reality from the anthropological perspective.
  • Document, argue and present proposals, correctly referencing the materials used through bibliographic citation methods.
  • Use of art works, references and cultural manifestations as objects of analysis and critical reflection.


María Fernanda Moscoso, Phd of Anthropology

María Fernanda Moscoso

Phd of Anthropology