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3D Discourses, Techniques and Technology Installations

This subject is part of the Languages, Techniques and Technologies discipline

  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Year: Second year
  • Type: Required
  • Subject code: GBA17


This subject, which is part of Languages, Techniques and Technologies, is a primarily practical workshop and experimentation space. As do all the subjects within this discipline, it relates the understanding of materials and their properties together with the acquisition of different techniques and technologies to the emergence of language and the aesthetic and communicative aspects of artistic practice. Since this subject is a continuation of 3D, Languages, Techniques and Technologies, it continues operating within the 3D context, i.e. focusing on the three-dimensional field. This subject will allow the exploration of notions of scale, space and relationship with the audience, addressing them both in relation to the material and in relation to the experience. This exploration will be carried out transversally and through different media from the expanded field of sculpture. Nevertheless, the peculiarity of this subject is that it introduces the notion of specificity in production and reception, in the way that a work of "installation" requires. This enables us to approach the concept of context in terms of physical location and perceptual articulation, as well as in relation to artistic frames of reference and the different cultural and social ecosystems in which a particular work is inscribed.


Experimentation with three-dimensional media, their relationship and hybridizations, exploration of the articulation between the intrinsic qualities and associative resonances of techniques, procedures and materials. Materialization and dematerialization processes in three-dimensional media. From quotation to appropriation, post-productive practices in three-dimensional media. Intervention in space: architectural space, social space, natural-cultural space. Three-dimensional practices and contextual sensitivity. Installation of three-dimensional media, from the installation gesture to the installation format. Specificity, relation, disposition, intensification of the here and now; experience, narrative, immersion. Organization of three-dimensional work processes, proper use of documents and tools. Ideation, development, conceptualization and production of three-dimensional installed works.

Learning outcomes

  • Acquisition and demonstration of advanced understanding of theoretical and practical aspects and of work methodology in the field of artistic practices.
  • Resolution of specific professional problems and situations with entrepreneurial and innovative attitudes.
  • Elaboration of orthographically and grammatically correct reports and written documents (mainly of a technical nature) in Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • Conduct of investigations integrating a feminist and egalitarian perspective.
  • Development of formalization processes and installation of three-dimensional works using techniques and tools in an accurate and creative way.
  • Ability to analyse the specific problems and conditioning factors of the formalization and installation of three-dimensional media and formats, and to approach them consciously and creatively in practice.
  • Shows responsibility, sensitivity and technical imagination in the work process with three-dimensional media and their installation.
  • Activate, through installation, intentional disposition and intensification of specific elements, the intrinsic qualities and associative resonances that must be taken into account in a preferential way in a work made with two-dimensional media.


Lúa Coderch, PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production

Lúa Coderch

PhD in Fine Arts. Degree in fine arts. Artistic production