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Illustration workshop

The objective of this course is to offer a wide range of graphic, stylistic and pictorial tools to complement and expand knowledge of manual techniques in illustration. 


Description of the curriculum

  • Edition: 23rd
  • Teaching period: July 3-14, 2023
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7 pm
  • Modality: On-Site
  • Language: Spanish
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Credits: 1 ECTS

Illustration workshop

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In this course the student will have the chance to experience materials and styles alongside study of the broad panorama of the best contemporary illustration.


The course will present illustration for newspapers and magazines, publishing houses, interior spaces, fashion illustration and children's illustration.

  1. Graffiti technique 1
  2. Graffiti technique 2
  3. Technical illustration with typography
  4. Fashion illustration
  5. Illustration for children
  6. The composition of objects
  7. Satirical illustrations or illustration of media opinion
  8. The cartoon
  9. The collage
  10. The self-portrait

The order of the syllabus is subject to change in order to match the rhythm of the working group.


Laura P. Vernetti, Bachelor's in Fine Arts

Laura P. Vernetti

Bachelor's in Fine Arts

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