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Food Design – Present and future

Never before has the world of food received as much attention as it is today. A sector with endless problems that have become great challenges for society and industry. This is where design comes in with its creativity as a tool, seeking solutions for a better future. In this course we explore the possibilities of Food Design in its applications and as a field of work for design, generating individual reflections on food and its future that we will express in a final product.

  • Edition: 1st
  • Teaching period: from July 6 to 22
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Modality: face-to-face
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Price: €270
  • Duration: 24 h


"A food designer is somebody working with food, with no idea of cooking"
Martí Guixé

"Cooking is designing food"
Ferran Adria

Food Design applies creative techniques to innovate products related to the world of food. In this way, he explores new meanings and emotions, communicates complex ideas through food as a medium, and provides solutions to a field fraught with problems.

The world of food has never had so much prominence. Not only gastronomy is in the focus of traditional and digital media; Issues like food waste, the waste crisis, and eating disorders have also become some of the big issues of the decade.

At the same time, due to the increase in allergies and intolerances, there is a very wide variety of diets with which the food industry tries to satisfy an increasingly demanding public. That is why in recent decades there have been a great variety of innovations and artistic and commercial proposals that try to find answers to the multitude of questions that are emerging.

Each of us has a very personal relationship with food, as we eat as much to feed ourselves as to enjoy ourselves. In this course we want to explore this relationship by translating it into a language that we all understand but few know how to speak.


  • Inform about the current world of food as a field of work for design professionals and Food Design in their applications.
  • Explore food and its attributes as matter.
  • Teach cooking techniques.
  • Generate individual reflections on the world of food and its future that result in a final product.
  • Communicate complex ideas using food as a medium.



What is Food Design?
Design with food
Design for food
Design about food

Why is it relevant?
Our diet and everything that goes with it is causing a lot of problems that need creative solutions.

Why is it design?
The design seeks to solve problems. Food Design as a field of work is offering more and more work to design and creativity professionals.

1) Introduction. Design Solves Problems
What is Food Design? The evolution from food to lifestyle. Food Design as a field of work for designers. Related problems: food waste, packaging, inequality. Hunger vs. obesity, etc. Presentation of the final project to be carried out by the students.

2) Design About Food
How do we understand food? Short introduction to food photography. Examples of photographic works and their social and cultural impact.

3) Design For Food
How do we eat? Presentation of spaces and objects made for the food sector by product designers, architects, engineers, etc. Innovation to transform an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one.

4) Design With Food
Who is a food designer? Presentation of important figures from the field. We will explore sensory and aesthetic properties of food as a matter. What does food communicate to us? Food as a language.

5) Tutoring
Session focused on landing the reflections and ideas created. Individual and group tutoring.

6) Presentation of final projects.

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