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Communication and social media in fashion marketing

Fashion communication and marketing is another element within the fashion industry with its own inner workings and language, two essential elements for a current brand to achieve success.

  • Edition: 4th
  • Teaching period: From July 2 to 16
  • Schedule: From Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm
  • Modality: On site
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: 320€
  • Duration: 33 hours
  • Credits: 1 ECTS

Communication and social media in fashion marketing

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Those two subjects, that seem totally integrated by the professionals of this industry, are not always well managed in terms of the necessary data and tools that are required to obtain good results which are faithful to a fashion company’s DNA.

The objective of this course is to provide students with the tools and strategies they need to work in a way that is original, competitive and faithful to how they want to communicate.

In addition, because the world of communication and marketing must be able to adapt to the trends of the online world, the course intends to train students in the new technologies that social networks offer so that they are able to implement them for professional companies.


  • Generate a basic and realistic learning methodology based on developing analysis of real projects with existing companies. The student will have an overview of the elements of fashion communication and marketing that are associated with new technologies.
  • Introduce the transition from offline to online with the theory and practice that strategy and positioning tools can give us.
  • Understand how to focus the DNA of a fashion brand to decide what to communicate and which channels to use, as well as implement a good marketing 2.0 strategic plan.
  • Develop a real communication and marketing plan, both offline and online for the profiles of two existing designers.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial tendencies with ideas and strategies that could be put into practice.


Module 1. Fashion communication

  • Introduction to fashion communication
  • Analysis of current times
  • From offline to online

Module 2. Fashion communication and business

  • Business models and models of communication
  • Communication agencies. Strategies and PR
  • The press: release, announcement, press conference, dossiers and relationships with offline and online media
  • Showroom
  • Corporate communication
  • Corporate image and actions
  • Look books and Campaigns

Module 3. The brand

  • Positioning
  • Media rating. Communication costs
  • Brand Identity. Brand Image. Brand Equity

Module 4. Online communication

  • Current online communication
  • Blogs and influencers
  • Forum

Module 5. New forms of communication

  • Social communication of the brand
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • «No comunication»

Module 6. Social Media

  • Platforms and targets
  • RRSS: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • New platforms / image channels: Pinterest, Instagram and Fancy

Module 7. Digital Marketing

  • Introduction and evolution of digital marketing
  • Newsletters and E-mail marketing
  • Databases
  • Geo-localisers
  • ROI
  • Google AdWords

Module 8. Strategy and methodology

  • SWOT analysis
  • Benchmarketing
  • The media marketing plan
  • Setting goals
  • Planning goals
  • Optimisation of the campaign
  • Google Analytics

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