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User Interface Design

Learn to design interfaces that provide intuitive experiences for users to interact in a pleasant way.

Description of the curriculum

  • Teaching period: February 13th, 2023
  • Schedule: Online.
  • Modality: 100% online
  • Language: English
  • Price: 760 €
  • Duration: 6 weeks, 8-10 h/week


This course, co-developed with industry leaders such as Symplicit, covers the latest trends in strategy development and interface design for business and digital experience. The course offers mastery of the main tools, techniques and skills of interface design through a portfolio project using Figma.

Especially focused on designers and communication specialists who seek to update and professionalize themselves in the digital industry.


Throughout the course, you will learn the tools and techniques in use by top UI designers. You’ll get hands on with Figma. You’ll also walk away with a portfolio piece you can use to showcase your skills to current or potential employers.

Method of study

Online learning, including interactive videos, assignments and prescheduled webinars and 1:1 online sessions with mentors and industry experts.


Introduction into UI Design

  • The relationship between UX and UI Design
  • An introduction into design briefs
  • Key UI tools including Figma
  • Milestone: Create a moodboard

Design material

  • Understanding user flow
  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Applying features and design requirements
  • Milestone: Create a UI flow diagram for your product

Setting up your workspace

  • Design guidelines and accessibility
  • Building a workspace
  • An introduction to Atomic design
  • Creating a UI toolkit
  • Milestone: Create a UI component library

Atomic Design

  • Heuristics and Gestalt principles
  • Consistency and staging relationships
  • Information hierarchy
  • Milestone: Submit a mid-fi prototype

User testing

  • Iterative prototyping
  • Definitions of done
  • Persuasive design
  • Usability testing
  • Milestone: Define user testing and feedback

The future of UI Design

  • Incorporating feedback into design
  • Where UI is going
  • Next steps
  • Milestone: Submitting your final project and Presentation

Register and price

Cost of the course: 630 €

This course does not offer discounts to former BAU students because it is not an exclusive education program of the centre, but of our partner RMIT University.


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Teachers & Associated Companies

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