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Postgraduate degree in underwear, corsetry and swimwear design

Fashion demands the ability to work in different market scenarios. Underwear is a segment of the fashion industry that has grown significantly, and it also has great influence on current trends.

  • Edition: 6th
  • Teaching period: From October 2019, 16th to May 2020. Final postgraduate's project presentation: June 2020.
  • Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays from 19 h to 22 h
  • Modality: On site
  • Language: Spanish (support in English)
  • Price: 4.500 €
  • Qualification: Postgraduate Degree in Underwear, Corsetry and Swimwear Design awarded by the UVic-UCC.
  • Credits: 30 ECTS

Postgraduate degree in underwear, corsetry and swimwear design

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The study of underwear, corsetry and swimwear design is of great interest to the fashion industry due to the high level of specialisation that this specific sector and industry requires, and also because it provides the specific multi-disciplinary skills that fashion sector professionals require.

In order to enter the fascinating world of underwear, corsetry and swimwear with a technical, creative and aesthetic approach, we start with foundational knowledge that will allow us to develop all the skills that are necessary for creating and designing innovative and contemporary collections.


  • Training and professionalising fashion designers specifically in the world and industry of underwear, corsetry and swimwear design so that they can develop a collection of their own.
  • Providing technical, creative and managerial foundations for the development of underwear, corsetry and swimwear collections.
  • Developing highly competitive skills in the fields of design, patternmaking, dressmaking and the use of corsetry materials to ensure that the designer is optimally creative and professional.


The programme for this postgraduate course is organised into 8 Modules and is completed by the presentation of a Final Project. 

Module I - Materials, shapes and types of assembly

Module II - Pattern and clothing techniques

Module III - History of corsetry and bathing clothes. Study of trends and contemporary styles

Module IV - Collection Design

Module V - Creation and stamping techniques

Module VI - Collection development. Pattern scale.

Module VII - Concept of brand, communication and marketing. Calculation of costs and realization of price tags

Module VIII - Look book and Editorial photos


The programme of this postgraduate degree is structured as 9 modules and includes the presentation of a Final Project at the end of the course.

Module I - Materials, trimmings and types of assembly

Students will learn and become confident with using specific materials and different methods of garment assembly. They will learn to distinguish all fabrics and select them in accordance with the type and purpose of each garment.

  • Fabrics and trimmings
  • Finishes
  • Study of the elasticity of materials

Module II - Pattern and dressmaking techniques

Creation of patterns for different types of specific corsetry and swimwear garments (bra, knickers, bikini, swimsuit, etc.) working from base patterns. Analysis of the specific garments from the corsetry and swimwear sector.

  • Sizes and cups. Size chart
  • Alteration and transformation of base patterns
  • Familiarisation with specialised assembly machines
  • Assembly of prototypes
  • Fitting of prototypes
  • Dressmaking information sheets

Module III – History of corsetry and swimwear

Study of contemporary trends and styles Analysis of historical movements and current trends for the preparation and development of an underwear, corsetry and swimwear collection. Students will acquire a comprehensive vision of the evolution and development of the current trends within the market to help them create their own personal style.

  • Analysis of historical movements
  • Search and development of trends
  • Creation of mood boards and sketches
  • Colour card creation
  • Starting a collection

Module IV - Design of a collection

Students will learn how to use the tools and design techniques that are required to design a collection in various representation systems.

  • Development of a final collection and selection of definitive looks
  • Creating fictitious models in Illustrator
  • Collection line-up
  • Making technical sheets on Photoshop
  • Final fabric and trimmings card

Module V - Creation of prints and printing techniques

Design and creation of various types of prints using different printing techniques, particular focus is placed on swimwear that is consistent with the concept of the collection and the chosen fabric.

  • Pros, cons and the different reasons to choose a technique
  • Artwork elements: composition, combination of techniques…
  • Resources to create your own elements
  • Manipulation of textiles and digital printing
  • Creation of a technical sheet for printing

Module VI - Materialisation of the collection. Grading

Realisation of the patterns for the selected looks for the final project, constructing prototypes for fitting, and correcting the patterns for their final execution. Choosing finishes, trimmings and effects. Creation of technical sheets for the construction and assembly of the garments, which must be sent to the workshop. Students will also learn specific grading rules that are applied to calculate the different sizes within the collection and their subsequent manufacturing.

  • Technical support sessions, both for patternmaking and assembly
  • Fitting
  • Scaling of the collection

Module VII - Brand concept, communication and marketing. Cost assessment and pricing.

Students will learn to set themselves apart and highlight the value of a brand through online and offline marketing and communication. They will design a global company strategy to achieve success in the business projects they undertake. In this module, students will also learn to assess the real cost of their collection.

  • Brand creation and positioning
  • Segmentation of the target market
  • Marketing communication
  • Communication and marketing strategies and actions
  • Pricing and cost assessment

Module VIII - Lookbook and Editorial photos 

  • Creation of a professional lookbook
  • Styling and art direction for photography
  • Shooting photos for the Editorial on set

Career opportunities

  • Underwear, corsetry or swimwear designer for own brand or existing companies.
  • Underwear, corsetry or swimwear patternmaker.
  • Technician for underwear, corsetry or swimwear.
  • Print designer for underwear, corsetry or swimwear.

Payment methods

Total cost of the course: 4.500 €

Payment methods

BAU, Design College of Barcelona offers different terms of payment:

  • Single payment: attracts a 3% discount
  • Part payment, in three installments:
    • 1st payment consisting of 40 % of the fees on enrollment
    • 2nd payment consisting of 30% of the fees before November 5th
    • 3rd payment consisting of 30 % of the fees before January 5th

Former students of BAU benefit from 10% discount on any of the courses. A former student of BAU is a student who, not being registered in the current academic year, has exceeded 50% of the credits for a Degree, Higher Degree in Design or the BAU Nit (BAU Evening); or 100% of the credits for any of the Master’s or Postgraduate degrees.

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