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Postgraduate Degree in Motion 3D

Give to your graphic design projects of audiovisual languages in motion and 3D with the most advanced techniques in Motion Graphics Design.

  • Edition: 11st
  • Teaching period: from October 2022, 6th to June 2023. Final postgraduate's project presentation: June 2023
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm
  • Modality: on-site
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: 4.360 €
  • Qualification: Postgraduate Degree in Motion 3D awarded by the UVic-UCC
  • Credits: 30 ECTS


Production and traditional narrative converge with thrilling challenges to enable design from new paradigms, from linear to non-linear narrative as well as the screen to the multi-screen and the space.

It is crucial to have a command of 3D tools and techniques as well as knowledge of media and supports, but it is also essential to develop analytical capacity, idealisation and formalisation, and an understanding of the context in order to transform messages into unforgettable experiences and execute projects which allow the production to shine under its own light. 

Through a predominantly practical approach (exercises and projects are developed with guidance from specialist tutors), this postgraduate course employs project methodologies such as design thinking, agile development, resources, and professional management and production processes.

The programme is broken down into six modules which are developed through workshops, technological classes and audiovisual culture capsules before culminating in a final project that will be presented before a panel.

This postgraduate course is aimed at graduates of Design, Audiovisual Communication, Film, Advertising and/or Fine Arts, as well as professionals who do not have specific qualifications but can demonstrate their experience in any of the aforementioned fields.


Module 1 – Technologies

Module 2 – Audiovisual culture

Module 3 – Animation workshop

Module 4 – Typography in the space-time workshop

Module 5 – Creation workshop and production techniques

Module 6 – Projects and Postgraduate Final Project


Module 1 – Technologies

This module focuses on and develops knowledge and skills for the operation of 3D modelling and animation tools (Cinema 4D), while delving deeply into the use and mastery of digital editing and composition as a fundamental support for building narrative and audiovisual experience.

  • Operational fundamentals.
  • Modelling and animation.
  • Texturing and rendering.
  • Integrating the digital composition.
  • Designing and resolving the production process.
  • Strengthening the use of the tool and advanced resources.


Module 2 – Audiovisual culture

This module covers the principal references in contemporary audiovisual culture from the perspective of the digital space, analysing styles and trends along with the application of 3D motion for the development of new projects.

  • On-demand content vs. traditional cinema/TV.
  • From linear narrative to message fragmentation.
  • Interactivity and sequential content.
  • New immersive formats: AR/VR.


Module 3 – Animation workshop

Based on an analysis of the basic concepts of animation, this workshop primarily aims to cover the creation and development of a stop-motion piece to help build awareness of three-dimensional space and light as well as the fundamentals of animation.

  • Basic principles of animation.
  • References and resources.
  • Creation and development of an animated graphic proposal placing emphasis on the use and command of stop-motion animation.
  • Project methodology and production process


Module 4 – Typography in the space workshop

A workshop that aims to develop an understanding of the benchmark typographies within the audiovisual field and their behaviour in space/time, analysing references and styles through multi-screen works and applications.

  • Screen typography: functional and emotional aspects.
  • Kinetic typography: typographic narrative in film, music videos, videogames, television, advertising, events and festivals, education and graphic experimentation.
  • Uses of motion graphics in typographic design.
  • Creation and development of an animated graphic proposal placing emphasis on the use and command of typography in space/time.
  • Project methodology and production process.


Module 5 – Creation workshop and production techniques

This module has dual aims. Firstly, constructing a compelling and persuasive discourse in an imaginative way to enable the development of a personal creative piece. And secondly, resolving the production problems associated with actual on-set images and integrating them digitally while making use of 2D and 3D rendering and green screens as a technical requirement.

  • Construction of a narrative.
  • Audiovisual conceptualisation and formalisation.
  • Fundamentals and uses of professional video.
  • Fundamentals and uses of on-set lighting with a green screen.
  • Creation and development of an animated graphic proposal placing emphasis on the use of actual images and digitally integrating them with 2D and 3D elements.
  • Project methodology and production process.


Module 6 – Projects and Postgraduate Final Project

A workshop devoted to the creation and production of audiovisual promotion projects for new-media screens and new immersive formats through the use of 3D rendering techniques.

As the Postgraduate Final Project, and based on the requirements of a “guest client” (a company or collaborating entity), work will be completed that, like a real commission, forces students to tackle a professional creation and production process. This will be executed according to the iterative design model, with a view to achieving real conclusions and results that fulfil the established objectives.

Development phases
  • Research.
  • Definition.
  • Ideation.
  • Formalisation.
  • Communication.

Career opportunities

  • Audiovisual production for film, television and new formats.
  • Creative studios and advertising agencies.
  • Companies and institutions with in-house audiovisual production departments.

Payment methods

Total cost of the course:  4.360 €

The total cost includes an amount of 100 € concerning the university fees, the administration expenses and the compulsory insurances.

Payment methods

BAU, Arts and Design College of Barcelona offers different terms of payment:

  • Single payment: attracts a 3% discount over the total cost of the course excluding fees. An amount of 100 € concerning the university fees is added to the resulting cost
  • Part payment, in 3 instalments:
  • 1st payment, due on enrolment: consisting of 40 % of the fees excluding taxes. An amount of 100 € concerning the university fees is added to the resulting cost
  • 2nd payment, due November 5: consisting of 30% of the course excluding taxes
  • 3rd payment, due January 5: consisting of 30 % of the course excluding taxes

Students and former students of BAU benefit from 10% discount on any of the courses if they have exceeded at least 50% of the credits for a Degree, Higher Degree in Design or the Diploma in Graphic Design; or 100% of the credits for any of the Master’s or Postgraduate degrees.

More information about scholarships and grants.

Information about the registration process.

Academic regulations for Masters and Postgraduate Degrees of BAU.

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