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Projects from Postgraduate Degree in Integral Communication for Fashion


by Rebeca Brime

Co-Shop Co-Shop Co-Shop Co-Shop Co-Shop Co-Shop Co-Shop Co-Shop


by Alberto Navarro

LimitEDitions LimitEDitions LimitEDitions

This work deals with the analysis of the multibrand store of sneakers and streetwear of luxury Limited Editions inBarcelona. For this, a series of internal and external strategies such as web, retail, physical material of the RRSS brand, etc. are followed.


by Marta Meca

Otaduy Otaduy Otaduy Otaduy

Project that aims to strengthen the communication and identity of the bridal fashion brand “Otaduy”. These efforts will be directed mainly to the multi-brand channel and the firm's team in order to convert them into prescribers, in addition to generating more fluidity and confidence necessary for its proper functioning.


by Ignacio Zacarés

Strap Strap Strap Strap

The purpose of this work is to propose a plan of integral and cross-platform communication where the client is located in the center. For this, a differential strategy is defined by setting the objectives of the 360 ​​communication campaign and the campaign is carried out creatively based on the previously set objectives.

Oscar H. Grand

by Yi Wen Tseng

Oscar H. Grand Oscar H. Grand Oscar H. Grand Oscar H. Grand

To improve the construction and organization of the brand, the project proposes planning through various strategies aimed at supporting its values ​​and establishing links with the current market trade.

Juana Naranja

by Laura Rodríguez

Juana Naranja Juana Naranja Juana Naranja Juana Naranja

Insecta Shoes

by Felipe Sauer

Insecta Shoes Insecta Shoes Insecta Shoes Insecta Shoes

Insecta es una marca brasileña de zapatos veganos, o sea, sin ningún uso de materia prima de origen animal. A través del proyecto se trabajaron formas de mostrar el estilo de vida de la persona de la marca, así como el hecho del producto ser fairtrade, ecológico y vegano a partir de contenidos para redes sociales, de modo que alcance a los consumidores en todo el mundo, teniendo foco en el mercado americano y europeo.


by Bernardita Prudant

Inglot Inglot Inglot

Communication of the launch of a new collection of cosmetic products of the Polish cosmetic brand Inglot. Communication strategy focused on a young, dynamic and active woman tarjet.