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Postgraduate Degree in Design of Healthy Environments

Master and specialize in the design of healthy environments to improve people's well-being.

  • Edition: 1st
  • Teaching period: From October 2022, 6th to June 2023. Final postgraduate's project presentation: June 2023
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 21:00
  • Modality: On site
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: 4.270 €
  • Qualification: Postgraduate Degree in Design of Healthy Environments awarded by the UVic-UCC
  • Credits: 30 ECTS


The way we live in interior spaces is in constant transformation. One of the aspects that is becoming more and more integrated and in high demand in this field is that of achieving healthy and non-toxic interior environments. Interior design has a precise impact on the direct contact that inhabitants have with the space that surrounds them. For this reason, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the aspects linked to a healthy habitat has become a key competence for professionals who work or wish to specialise in this field of design.

The Postgraduate Degree in Design of Healthy Environments offers the knowledge and tools needed to create spaces that incorporate, in a broad sense, wellbeing and health.

The structure of the programme is organised into four modules covering a wide range of aspects of "healthiness" linked to the design of interior spaces, with the aim of achieving an overall vision. This broad notion will include aspects as diverse as radiation, toxicities, pathological agents linked to design, bio-construction and traditional materials. This knowledge will be complemented by case studies and visits from experts in different fields, incorporating a trans-disciplinary vision.

At a methodological level, all the topics will be incorporated in a progressive and practical way into a Postgraduate Final Project mentored by specialised professionals.

The programme is oriented to any professional linked to the design of spaces in general: technical or superior architects, spatial designers, builders or promoters, among others.


Module 1 - Foundations

Module 2 - Health Parameters and Strategies

Module 3 - Healthy spaces

Module 4 - Postgraduate Final Project


Module 1 - Foundations

Introduction to fundamental knowledge related to human physiology and habitats. We are particularly interested in the relationships established between people and their immediate environment, as well as the study of habitats, and their evolution over time, in order to better understand the changes experienced and adapt to them.

This first module will cover the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Human physiology
  • Habitats


Module 2 - Health Parameters and Strategies

Detailed analysis of environmental parameters affecting humans in an interior habitat. Determination of acceptable upper and lower thresholds. List of elements involved in the modification of these parameters and their control.

We will deal with topics related to:

  • Indoor climate: temperature, humidity, vapour diffusion...
  • Indoor air: presence of substances...
  • Lighting: colour, intensity, variation...
  • Radiation: ionising, non-ionising...
  • Ergonomics: human measurements, position, comfort...
  • Harmony: proportions, relations, colour...

This second module will cover the following sections:

  • Environmental developments
  • Environment
  • Toxicities
  • Radiation
  • Other factors


Module 3 - Healthy spaces

Analysis of specific strategies to achieve healthy spaces in different spheres: educational, work, residential, hotel, commercial and leisure spaces, among others.

We will deal with topics related to:

  • Construction systems
  • Installations
  • Formal proportions
  • Lighting
  • Materials
  • Bio-construction
  • Natural materials

We will address the following in a separate section:

  • Strategies for creating healthy interiors


Module 4 - Postgraduate Final Project

Realisation of a healthy space design project based on the aspects covered during the course. Students will develop an interior space project with special emphasis on the aspects highlighted in the previous sessions.

Career Opportunities

  • Expert in design of healthy interior spaces
  • Planner: freelance or integrated into work teams linked to the design and/or construction of interior spaces.
  • Consultant in the design of healthy interiors


Associated company

The postgraduate Degree in Design of Healthy Environments is closely linked to the AGP architecture studio. AGP is formed by a team of architects, engineers and designers specialised in energy efficiency, environment, participatory architecture, restoration and rehabilitation of heritage and healthy environments.

Estudi d'arquitectura Genís Planelles

Tuition Fee

Total cost of the course: 4.270 €

The total cost includes an amount of 100 € concerning the university fees, the administration expenses and the compulsory insurances.

Payment methods

BAU, Arts and Design College of Barcelona offers different terms of payment:

  • Single payment: attracts a 3% discount over the total cost of the course excluding fees. An amount of 100 € concerning the university fees is added to the resulting cost
  • Part payment, in 3 instalments:
  • 1st payment, due on enrolment: consisting of 40 % of the fees excluding taxes. An amount of 100 € concerning the university fees is added to the resulting cost
  • 2nd payment, due November 5: consisting of 30% of the course excluding taxes
  • 3rd payment, due January 5: consisting of 30 % of the course excluding taxes

Students and former students of BAU benefit from 10% discount on any of the courses if they have exceeded at least 50% of the credits for a Degree, Higher Degree in Design or the Diploma in Graphic Design; or 100% of the credits for any of the Master’s or Postgraduate degrees.

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