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Projects from Master’s degree in stop-motion animation

From the same thread

by Antonia Piña, Lorène Friesenbichler, Phaerda Derizioti, Rucha Dhayarkar

From the same thread From the same thread From the same thread From the same thread

Being tied to a platform limits it in every way, it only allows you to have a sound in her life. But one day a new sound appears, and with this, the desire to reach it.


by Juan Vásquez, Gaspare Savio lo Vacco, Ferran Viura, Giovanni Aguilar

Tuning Tuning Tuning Tuning

Two brothers start a war of sounds, each one tries to overcome the other in volume, the older brother remains inside his room using his guitars while his little brother is in the hall making noises with pots, at some point of this battle the sounds produced by both brothers are synchronized and merge in perfect harmony.


by Romina León, Santi Mejías, Rodrigo Samayoa

Unsewn Unsewn Unsewn Unsewn


by Cristina Guisado, Ludwig Camarillo

Touched Touched Touched Touched