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Master’s degree in stop-motion animation

The master’s degree in stop-motion animation is a unique kind of training, at national and international level, the purpose of which is to prepare professionals in stop-motion animation in both its creative and its technical aspects.

  • Edition: 5th
  • Teaching period: From October 2019, 2nd to June 2020. Final master's project presentation: June 2020.
  • Schedule: From October to March: from Monday to Friday from 15:45 to 18:45. From April to June: 4 hours per week
  • Modality: On site
  • Language: English
  • Price: 8.460 €
  • Qualification: Master in Stop Motion Animation accredited by the Universidad de Vic-UCC
  • Credits: 60 ECTS


The curriculum combines craftsmanship and technology, and is at the same time exhaustive and eminently practical. By means of this syllabus we promote an overall and artistic perception of the management/production of projects together with the acquisition of a solid base consisting of the fundamentals of animation, combining the foregoing with the learning of the many techniques of stop motion: plasticine, cut-out, pixelation, sand, paint-on-glass, animation with light, etc., and placing special emphasis on animation with articulated stick figures.

The teaching in this Master’s degree in Stop-Motion Animation is based on the direct transmission of the advanced knowledge and abilities of a team composed of practising, multi-disciplinary professionals with wide experience in industry and in teaching, and including creators/animators of international repute.


To master the principles of animation and be capable of applying them in animation with characters and in the different techniques of stop motion (plasticine, pixelation, cut-out, rotoscoping, characters, etc.). 

To suggest various creative solutions using stop-motion animation, both in a client’s environment and in one of auteur animation.

To acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to join a professional environment requiring stop-motion animation, including knowledge of the implications of the technique in related audiovisual disciplines such as character-designing, set-designing, wardrobe, directing photography, soundtrack, FX, etc.

To be capable of developing and/or managing an audiovisual stop-motion project by knowing all the phases of its production:

  • Effectively managing the different members of the working team;
  • Controlling and resolving any problems which may arise in production;
  • Finding a creative solution which is in accordance with the objectives set out at the beginning of production, including aspects such as the budget.


The training is composed of three modules:

A first module dealing with producing and directing animation, and including a detailed theoretical and practical analysis of the distinctive processes of directing, pre-production and production in stop-motion animation.

A second module of specialization in which, in a practical manner, through the use of characters from stop-motion animation and its various techniques, the subject of animation is studied more deeply.

A third module, consisting of the preparation of a final project in which students will have to demonstrate all the skills that they have learned, and their own independence, before a panel of expert professionals.

The classes in Modules I and II will be intensive, and will involve three hours per day from Monday to Friday, whereas in Module III there will be four hours per week, on one day, which will be used for ensuring that the final project is being prepared correctly.

The planned programme of studies includes a series of workshops, with national and foreign guests who are experts in some of the topics of the programme.

Module I – Directing and Producing Animation

Module II – Specialization in stop motion

Module III - Final project of the Master’s Degree Course


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Module I - Directing and Producing Animation   

  • Audiovisual culture
  • Directing.
  • Screenplay. Audiovisual narrative.
  • Production: method and budget.
  • Story Board / Animatic.
  • Directing Photography / Colour.
  • The soundtrack in animation.
  • The design of characters / scenographic space.
  • Acting.

Module II – Specialization in stop motion

There will be theoretical/practical workshops, with viewing of notable examples of each technique, during which students will have to test the principles of animation and apply them to the different techniques of stop motion, doing exercises and tutored practical work using each of the techniques and sub-techniques.

Transverse content
  • The theory of applied animation.
  • ‘Dragonframe’ (stop-motion software).
Animation with characters
  • Structure /skeletons / rigs.
  • Modelling
  • Moulds / materials.
  • Wardrobe.
Scenographic construction
  • Theoretical basis.
  • Basic construction fundamentals.
Animation techniques
  • Character animation. (Watch video)
  • Animation with cut-out.
  • Animation with sand. (Watch Video)
  • Animation in pixelation.
  • Experimental animation.
  • Paint-on-glass animation. (Watch video)
  • Animation with light.
  • Animation in rotoscoping.
  • Analysis of other techniques (viewing).

Module III - Final project of the Master’s Degree Course         

  • Screenplay: proposals and development of the definitive proposal.
  • Production plan.
  • Directing/producing the project.
  • Analysis of the project’s animation.
  • Post-production of the project.
  • Preparation of the final (master) copy.

Carreer opportunities

Stop motion director, producer and/or animator of audiovisual productions for:

  • Short films
  • Producers of audiovisual films for the cinema
  • Advertising agencies
  • Television
  • Communication agencies
  • Freelancers

Payment methods

Total cost of the course: 8.460 €

Payment methods

BAU, Design College of Barcelona offers different terms of payment:

  • Single payment: attracts a 3% discount
  • Part payment, in three installments:
    • 1st payment consisting of 40 % of the fees on enrollment
    • 2nd payment consisting of 30% of the fees before November 5th
    • 3rd payment consisting of 30 % of the fees before January 5th

Former students of BAU benefit from 10% discount on any of the courses. A former student of BAU is a student who, not being registered in the current academic year, has exceeded 50% of the credits for a Degree, Higher Degree in Design or the BAU Nit (BAU Evening); or 100% of the credits for any of the Master’s or Postgraduate degrees.

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