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Master in Fashion Management

Create and manage your own fashion brand dominating strategic, economic and communication concepts, all of them specific in the fashion industry.

  • Edition: 5th
  • Teaching period: From October 2020, 6th to June 2021. Final master's project presentation: June 2021
  • Schedule: From mondays to thursday from 19:00 to 22:00.
  • Modality: On site
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: 7.920 €
  • Qualification: Master's Degree in Fashion Management awarded by the UVic-UCC
  • Credits: 60 ECTS


The Master's in Fashion Management (60 ECTS) is obtained by completing two postgraduate degrees, for 30 ECTS each. These postgraduate degrees may be completed in the same academic year, or in different years. All postgraduate courses that are part of a master's degree can be taken independently.


Postgraduate Degree in Integral Communication for Fashion

Module 1 – Fashion communication: theory, practice and future

Module 2 – Marketing and communication combined: strategies, cases and tools

Module 3 – Digital communication: creativity, innovation and channels

Module 4 – Fashion branding: identity, art and concept

Module 5 – Creative content: messages, keywords and copywriting 

Module 6 – Brand control: impact, analytics, ROI and budgets

Module 7 – Project: production and creation of a fashion communication plan


Postgraduate Degree in Creation and Management of Fashion Brands

This Postgraduate degree is structured in 10 modules and concludes with a Final Degree Project.

Module 1 - Global vision of the Fashion sector

Module 2 - Distribuction

Module 3 - Market and Consumers

Module 4 - Business and Innovation

Module 5 - Branding

Module 6 - Product

Module 7 - Finances

Module 8 - Marketing and Communication

Module 9 - Management

Module 10 - Business Plan


Postgraduate Degree in Creation and Management of Fashion Brands

Module 1 – Overview of the fashion industry

Provide specific knowledge of the workings of the Fashion System.

Train to analyse the fashion environment at national and international levels.

Provide the skills necessary to innovate in the creation of a brand.

  • The Fashion System and its circuits: haute couture, ready-to-wear, luxury, fast fashion.
  • Analysis of the international fashion environment.
  • Analysis of fashion in Spain.
  • The supply chain.
  • Keys to the internationalization of a brand. Analysis of markets.
  • Types of innovation: product, distribution channels, customer service, production.


Module 2 – Distribution

Provide specific knowledge of the distribution of fashion products and of their calendar of fairs and showrooms.

Provide the necessary knowledge to carry out international negotiations for a brand.

  • Marketing distribution channels: retail and wholesale.
  • e-commerce.
  • Fairs and showrooms.
  • International negotiation.


Module 3 – Market and consumer

Provide specific knowledge of the fashion market and its consumer.

Provide specific knowledge to be able to plan the costs of the brand.

  • Positioning and market segmentation.
  • Consumer behaviour and buying habits.
  • Cost Planning.


Module 4 – Business and Innovation

Provide the necessary knowledge to be able to identify business opportunities in the fashion environment.

Provide the knowledge necessary for launching innovative concepts in the fashion environment.

  • How to identify business opportunities.
  • Launch of an innovative concept I and II.
  • The Canvas model. Strategic analysis of the business model I and II.


Module 5 – Branding

Provide the knowledge to position a brand in the market.

Provide the necessary knowledge to create a fashion brand identity.

  • Positioning and brand territory I and II.
  • Building the brand: values, personality, essence and archetype.
  • Brand Meaning Book.


Module 6 – Product

Provide the necessary knowledge to plan and calculate production costs and margins of collections.

Provide the knowledge to produce a collection, at the levels of procurement, production and legislation.

  • Planning of collections.
  • Production costs and margins.
  • International Outsourcing and clusters of fashion.
  • Legislation and intellectual property. Types of companies.
  • Calendar of production, distribution and finance I and II.


Module 7 – Finance

Provide the knowledge to know how to interpret the finances of the brand.

To provide the knowledge needed to create the financial plan for the brand.

  • Basic Finance: the Profit & Loss Account.
  • Basic Finance: the Balance Sheet.
  • The Financial Plan for the brand.


Module 8 – Marketing and Communication

Provide the necessary knowledge about marketing and communication applied to the brand.

Provide the necessary knowledge to create the Release Plan of the brand.

  • Marketing as a strategic concept.
  • The communication Mix.
  • Creating the Release Plan of the brand.


Module 9 – Organization

Provide the necessary knowledge about team management and creativity.

Provide the necessary skills to prepare a business’s organization chart.

  • Organizations, communication and teamwork.
  • Management of creativity.
  • Areas of business and departments.
  • The organization chart I and II.


Module 10 – Business Plan

Provide the expertise necessary to prepare a Business Plan.

Provide the ability to perform an Elevator Pitch.

  • The Business Plan.
  • Development of the Business Plan.
  • The Elevator Pitch.


Postgraduate Degree in Integral Communication for Fashion

Module 1 – Fashion communication: theory, practice and future

This module contextualises the broader map of contemporary fashion communication along with its creative agents and develops a critical perception of theories related to fashion, society and brands. It also considers the global fashion system, presentation cycles and the ways in which fashion is currently being transformed. In addition, it will cover how to search for relevant content and analyses in order to stay up to date on fashion.

  • The brand and 360° communication.
  • The fashion ecosystem.
  • Critical theory of fashion and sociology.
  • Global fashion communication map.
  • Sources of information and analysis of specialist content.


Module 2 – Marketing and communication combined: strategies, cases and tools

This module goes in-depth on strategic marketing, digital marketing and omnichannel communication. It also covers how to integrate connected actions and strategies between the brand, the customer and communication media while addressing the tools and mix of digital marketing. Part of the module is carried out in a case study format alongside guest professionals from fashion brands, specialist press and content creators. Previous collaborators include individuals from: S Moda – El País, ICON Magazine, Tous Jewellery, Diesel, Vermut Solidario, Puma, Saint Laurent Paris and Sónar Festival.

  • Case studies – fashion communication strategies.
  • Communication mix and tools.
  • Digital marketing and communication .
  • Integrated strategy matrix: briefs, dashboards.
  • Transmedia omnichannel communication and communication touchpoints.


Module 3 – Digital communication: creativity, innovation and channels

This module covers the tools and practice for analysing and managing strategies in digital environments; how to develop social media campaigns based on creative concepts, plan their development and measure their success; as well as the creation of ideas, formats and supports that are focused on the user to improve emotional connection and engagement while reinforcing the bonds between the client and the brand.

  • Social media planning.
  • Interactive CRM.
  • Monitoring and engagement with the client.
  • Social selling, digital ads, SEO-SEM, search keywords.
  • Management tools.


Module 4 – Fashion branding: identity, art and concept

This module provides a contemporary and meaningful perspective on fashion branding as a philosophy for understanding the brand and its essential purpose, while addressing how to convey a coherent and unique identity that helps to distinguish the brand from its competitors. The most important guidelines for defining brand communication concepts and the characteristics and development of artistic direction in fashion will also be covered.

  • Brand analysis and identity .
  • Branding and fashion .
  • Artistic direction and brand concept.
  • The conceptual framework of campaigns.
  • Storytelling and brand values.


Module 5 – Creative content: messages, keywords and copywriting

This module implements content creation techniques and guidelines for defining a fashion brand’s communication messages more effectively; from online texts and the copy that accompanies newsletters and social media posts to audiovisual proposals. It will also include writing workshops for the creation of branded content and brand materials, in-depth analysis of communication patterns and tones, and the importance of creating and promoting key words for fashion brands.

  • How to create content which is relevant to fashion brands.
  • Content typologies.
  • Brand story and content grid.
  • Branded content, content marketing and media/press relations.
  • Publishing and messages: key words and themes.


Module 6 – Brand control: impact, analytics, ROI and budgets 

This module covers the methods for measuring the effectiveness of cross-platform campaigns; impact and scope in quantitative data for evaluating the profitability of communication actions; and how to control a budget, measure return on investment and analyse brand data by campaign.

  • Campaign metrics and analytics. 
  • ROI and conversion. 
  • Budget control for communication actions.
  • The impact on digital strategies.


Module 7 – Project: production and creation of a fashion communication plan  

This module summarises all the knowledge that has been gained during the course and will address the production and creation of a fashion communication plan along with all its required sections. This block encourages creativity and a strategy where students define concepts, goals, the selection of tools and the roadmap for action. In addition, the planning and development of graphic, text and audiovisual content for the beta communication plan of a fashion brand will also be covered.

  • Diagnosis and brief. 
  • Campaign objectives, media and seasonality. 
  • Client and extended profile. 
  • Definition of the comprehensive strategy.
  • Brand campaign: art and concept.
  • Production of materials and budget.
  • The presentation pitch and the sale.

Career opportunities

  • Communication Manager.
  • Social media strategist.
  • Community manager.
  • Specialist fashion writers. 
  • On-line creative copy. 
  • Content managers.
  • Communication producers and managers. 
  • Brand Managers.
  • Product Managers.
  • Marketing Managers

Payment methods

Total cost of the course: 7.920 €

Payment methods

BAU, Design College of Barcelona offers different terms of payment:

  • Single payment: attracts a 3% discount
  • Part payment, in three installments:
    • 1st payment consisting of 40 % of the fees on enrollment
    • 2nd payment consisting of 30% of the fees before November 5th
    • 3rd payment consisting of 30 % of the fees before January 5th

Former students of BAU benefit from 10% discount on any of the courses. A former student of BAU is a student who, not being registered in the current academic year, has exceeded 50% of the credits for a Degree, Higher Degree in Design or the BAU Nit (BAU Evening); or 100% of the credits for any of the Master’s or Postgraduate degrees.

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