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Master in Fashion Creative Direction

Fashion creative direction leads the construction of the conceptual universe of a brand, with its values and messages. This is done on the basis of a thorough understanding of the sector and its multiple communication channels.

Description of the curriculum

  • Edition: 2nd
  • Teaching period: from October 2nd 2024 to June 30th 2025. Final master's project presentation: June 2025
  • Schedule: From Monday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Modality: on-site
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: 9.320 €
  • Qualification: Master’s Degree in Fashion Creative Direction and Artistic Processes, awarded by UVic-UCC (in verification process)
  • Credits: 60


Fashion is currently one of the main drivers of economic, social, and cultural activity in our society due to its impact on a number of areas. Fashion permeates a number of professions and industries such as design, cinema, music, theatre, art, etc. and in each of its possibilities, requires creative direction and creative management that can respond to market proposals.

The fashion sector requires professionals who are proficient in the sector-specific mechanisms, languages, and trends, artistic trends, and new means of fashion creation and production.

An understanding of all of these mechanisms that operate in the creation of images, designs, and objects makes the act that transforms ideas into reality possible. The purpose of creative direction is understood to be the coherent and creative adaptation, interpretation, and application of all of these elements. Good direction takes account of all of these elements, so as to facilitate those imaginary worlds to come.


Module 1 - Creative Resources (15 ECTS)

Module 2 - Conceptualization (15 ECTS)

Module 3 - Company (10 ECTS)

Module 4 - Branding and Communication (10 ECTS)

Module 5 - Futuribles (5 ECTS)

Module 6 - Master's Final Project (5 ECTS)

The master combines master classes with group workshops, workshops and real case studies, as well as individual and team projects.

The Master's Final Project consolidates and puts into practice all the knowledge and tools acquired during the course.


Module 1 - Creative Resources

Observing the environment: learning to recognize the constructive elements of the creative discourse.

  • External sources: cultural, experiential and social trends.
  • Fashion history and culture
  • Fashion channel trends: reading and use
  • Identification of referents
  • Intuition/Inspiration. Psychology of creative arts
  • Sociology of fashion as a social phenomenon. Sense of belonging and social distinction

Module 2 - Conceptualization

Specify and transform resources as the basis of a fashion collection and build the conceptual universe with the brand's personality and the values that define it.

  • Concept: creation and meaning
  • Moodboard: internal communication tool
  • Image reading, translation and transformation of ideas, materialization and landing.
  • Collection: structure
  • Brand: personality and values

Module 3 - Company

Study the company as a platform for developing projects and leading multidisciplinary creative teams.

  • Towards where the company of the 21st century is heading
  • Formation and management of design teams
  • Goals and decision making
  • Production and retail
  • Consciousness. Social well-being

Module 4 - Branding and Communication

Create the brand identity narrative to contact the public through chosen channels, in digital environments, social networks, events, etc.

  • Brand and visual identity strategy and construction
  • Social media strategies
  • Art direction. Tools: shows, shootings, fashion films, etc.
  • Visual merchandising. Point of sale

Module 5 - Futuribles

Learn to read, understand and foresee the future in order to prepare strategies to manage it, acquiring competitive advantages.

  • Understand fashion as a tool to transform our society.
  • Fashion map
  • Study and recognition of the sector in the present. Observation of the competition
  • Futuribles: towards where are we heading?
  • Sustainability. Gender fashion. Diversity
  • Online universe. Metaverse
  • Technology applied to fashion

Module 6 - Master's Final Project


Josep Pagà, Grado en Diseño mención Moda. Investigador y patronista
Josep Abril, Diploma in Fashion Design. Creative director and teacher
Sílvia Rosés, Phd in Art History

Sílvia Rosés

Phd in Art History

Josep Pagà, Grado en Diseño mención Moda. Investigador y patronista

Josep Pagà

Grado en Diseño mención Moda. Investigador y patronista

Txell Miras, Designer and CEO. BA in Fine Arts.

Txell Miras

Designer and CEO. BA in Fine Arts.

Maria Balasch, Senior Product Designer

Maria Balasch

Senior Product Designer

Clara de Nadal Trias, Digital journalist, Coolhunter and Public Speaker

Clara de Nadal Trias

Digital journalist, Coolhunter and Public Speaker

Anna Forés, PhD in Philosophy

Anna Forés

PhD in Philosophy

Carles Roig, Photographer and cultural manager

Carles Roig

Photographer and cultural manager

Brais Vilasó, Stylist. Fashion Consultant

Brais Vilasó

Stylist. Fashion Consultant

Sylvia Bonet, Stylist. Art direction

Sylvia Bonet

Stylist. Art direction

Josep Abril, Diploma in Fashion Design. Creative director and teacher

Josep Abril

Diploma in Fashion Design. Creative director and teacher

Career Opportunities

Creative Director in:

  • Identity and fashion brands
  • Fashion collections
  • Communication studios
  • Artistic consultant for visuals, fashion shows, films...
  • Costumes for performing arts
  • Metaverse and digital experiences

Payment methods

Total cost of the course: 9.320 €

The total cost includes an amount of 200 € corresponding to university fees, administrative management and mandatory insurance.

Payment methods

Different payment methods are offered:

  • Single payment
  • Payment in installments, in 3 different payments:
  1. 1st payment, which is made at the time of registration: 40% of the cost of the course excluding the fees. 200 € corresponding to the university fees are added to the remaining amount.
  2. 2nd payment, before November 5th: 30% of the cost of the course excluding the fees.
  3. 3rd payment, before January 5: 30% of the cost of the course excluding the fees.

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