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Projects from Master in Digital Experience Design


by Carme Alcoverro, Iris Gómez, Arnau Sebastià

Saüc Saüc Saüc Saüc

Saüc es la app que te reta a minimizar tu huella de carbono de forma divertida, generando comunidad y ofreciéndote beneficios.

Canjeando los puntos que consigues al completar una serie de retos, puedes recibir beneficios (entradas o descuentos) o colaborar con las entidades más comprometidas con el medio ambiente.


by Alba Aragall, Federica Corbetta, Victoria Perea

Bubblet Bubblet Bubblet Bubblet Bubblet Bubblet


by Patricia Cantón, Marta Laplana, Emma Lladó, Ramiro Andrade

Emochi Emochi Emochi Emochi Emochi

"Emochi" is an application that helps you with the emotional learning of your students.


by Karin Dahlstedt, Isabela Baracat

Spark Spark Spark Spark Spark Spark Spark Spark

Spark is a project that approaches issues of isolation and communication in remote work environments, minimizing their impact and helping to promote a clean, fun and healthy culture of communication.


by Carolina Sánchez, Eduard Trenkle, José Garza, Lijie Ye

Elemental Elemental Elemental Elemental Elemental Elemental

Elemental is an app that seeks to facilitate the process of search, comparison and purchase at the moment to go at the cinema. In addition to simplifying the process of organisation when go at the cinema at group. The project was developed by means of the methodology agile, since the research (quantitative data, qualitative, glimpsed and surveys) until each sprint, continuum centred at the necessities of the user


by Marta Portales, Susanna Pujades, Carla Flores, Sofía Dezaki

Artik Artik Artik Artik Artik

Artik is a digital service that facilitates learning while playing. Aimed at students who come to the museum with the class group.
Unlike other didactic tools, we offer a recreational activity that makes the experience more positive when visiting the museum, increases the information retention capacity and the student's involvement. And, also, it helps the teacher to improve the organization of the visit.

La Platea

by Stephanie Bernstein, Ariadna López, Ricardo Sánchez

La Platea La Platea La Platea La Platea La Platea La Platea

"La platea" brings together all the theater offer in one app and makes it easy to buy tickets.


by Sabrina Fiore, David Millán, Susanna Pezzini

Catnova Catnova Catnova Catnova Catnova Catnova

Catnova is a web design project conceived to be the official site of Catnova, a non-profit association that works in the city of Barcelona to promote the social and labour inclusion of people at risk of exclusion.


by Verónica Bonilla, Elisa Casto, Ainara Rodríguez

Daydreaming Daydreaming Daydreaming Daydreaming

Web design proposal for the Soñar Despierto Foundation, committed to integrating children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion.