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Research and transfer

The Research and Transfer Plan of the BAU, Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona (Design College of Barcelona), was defined within the framework of the ‘Research and Transfer of Knowledge Plan (2005 - 2010)’ of the UVic (University of Vic). This Research Plan is part of the operational Plan of Field 2: Research and university-industry relations, a strategic Plan from the said Uvic (2005 - 2010).

BAU, Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona is a reference centre on a national and international scale, capable of responding to the needs of individuals and businesses, and of actively contributing to social transformation through design, communication, creativity and innovation.

Generally, the aim of the institution is to:

  • participate actively in the progress and development of society through the training of researchers, teachers and professions.
  • promote the social and environmental awareness of the designer, who should be seen not only as a professional but also as a social and cultural influencer.
  • develop proposals and design projects consistent with this vision.


The Design and Social Transformation Research Group

GREDITS, Group of Research in Design and Social Transformation was born in 2010, the fruit of the ideas of BAU Design College of Barcelona and the interest and concern shared by its teaching and research team.

As a pioneering centre in offering an official Degree in Design, BAU developed its curriculum in order to promote a comprehensive training for a new profile of designer, contemporary and critical, who, starting from social commitment, would be able to research into ways to innovate and bring improvements to businesses and comfort to people.

With the gradual implementation of the Degree in Design, BAU outlined its research plan within the framework of the Plan for Research and the Transfer of Knowledge (2005-2010) of the UVic – UCC. BAU also undertook, together with the General Directorate of Universities, to deploy it to equate the universities of the European Higher Education Area, which already have long experience in design research.

Finally, in January 2018, in the call to support research groups from Catalunya SGR (2017-19), GREDITS was recognized as a Consolidated Research Group by the Catalan Government.

Research Areas

The interests and projects carried out by GREDITS are framed within three lines of research:

Historical Memory and Cultural Construction of the Art and the Design

This line originates with the historiographical interest in connecting design with our past, in the search for a cultural identity in a globalized world. It is history that creates identity, which is misrepresented when the proper historical context is ignored. All forms of design become more transient, dynamic and changing. This has caused us to lose the notion of our cultural identities. Moreover, it is in our interest to support the rescue of the cultural heritage of design in order to consolidate and expand our identity. To speak of identity is to search for our sources of inspiration. However, are we aware of our responsibility as designers, as ‘cultural creators’, to nurture and expand these values in future generations?

Co-ordination: Dr. Teresa Martínez Figuerola

Pedagogy and Design

The main objective of this line is to find a specific pedagogical foundation in the field of design that allows one to focus, in a common and international framework, on the active experimental methodologies that are applied, in many cases, without a clear awareness of their outcome; to research into the different forms of interaction between design and its learning while relating both parameters to changing social interests, and studying how these changes may affect design and pedagogy; to enhance the participation of the Faculty in activities related to innovation in teaching , and also to promote the exchange of the results of this research with other pedagogical research teams.

Co-ordination: Dr. Mariona Genís Vinyals

PhD Martínez Figuerola, Teresa

PhD Fortea Castillo, M. Àngels
PhD González Díaz, Paloma
PhD Genís Vinyals, Mariona
PhD Gil Bell Mutell, Rebecca
PhD Martínez Morant, Mara
PhD Marzo Pérez, Jorge Luis
PhD Moscoso, María Fernanda
PhD Rispoli, Ramon
PhD Rosés, Silvia

For more information, you can visit www.gredits.org