Application form

To registration in a master's or postgraduate degree you must download and fill out the specific enrollment application for the course.

Download the application form

Registration Process

The application form for the registration has to be sent to following the steps of the enrollment process detailed below:

All Master’s and Postgraduate degree courses have limited vacancies. The enrollment process begins in January and ends when the vacancies are filled or at the beginning of the course.

Payment methods

BAU, Design College of Barcelona offers different terms of payment:

  • Single payment: attracts a 3% discount
  • Part payment, in three installments:
    • 1st payment consisting of 40 % of the fees on enrollment
    • 2nd payment consisting of 30% of the fees before November 5th
    • 3rd payment consisting of 30 % of the fees before January 5th

Former students of BAU benefit from 10% discount on any of the courses. A former student of BAU is a student who, not being registered in the current academic year, has exceeded 50% of the credits for a Degree, Higher Degree in Design or the BAU Nit (BAU Evening); or 100% of the credits for any of the Master’s or Postgraduate degrees.

Click here for more information about scholarships and grants.

Scolarship's pre-admission request

Students who are in the process of applying for some kind of scholarship or grants need a certified document stating that they are qualified to take a Master or a postgraduate degree before registering, may ask BAU to process a pre-admission document.

To do so, the candidate must submit a request to register for the course within other documents required for acceptance and, once the coordinating committee of the course confirms the access, the student will have to pay 200€. Upon payment, BAU will issue a document certifying that the student is qualified to take the course. This certificate will not be considered in any way as a reservation of the vacancy, or as a registration. When registering for the course, the 200€ corresponding to the first payment (preadmission) will be deducted.

The 200 € will be refunded only if the course or courses are cancelled. If the scholarship for the student is denied, then 50% of the amount paid will be returned. To request a refund, you must show the document by which the scholarship is denied. The remaining 50% is considered as administrative fees and will not be refunded.