Master's in Stop Motion Animation


The Master's in Stop Motion Animation (60 ECTS) is obtained by completing two postgraduate degrees, for 30 ECTS each. These postgraduate degrees may be completed in the same academic year, or in different years. All postgraduate courses that are part of a master's degree can be taken independently.

Fact sheet

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Qualification: Postgraduate Degree in Stop Motion Animation Techniques accredited by the Universidad de Vic. Students without university degrees will receive a University Extension Studies Diploma.

Credits: 30 ECTS

School period: From October 22th 2014 to May 20th 2015. Final Project Presentation: from the 3th to the 22th of June 2015

Timetable: Mondays and Wednesdays from 16h to 19h

Mode: On-site

Language: Spanish

Postgraduate's price: 3390 € €

Master's price: 6450 € €

Access: Graduates. Undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts and Design, and those related to the following professional categories: interior design, graphic design, industrial design and arts applied to clothing. Professionals from the sector without specific training but who can demonstrate professional expertise. Applicants will undergo a selection process for acceptance on the course. To access to this postgraduate course it is essential to show experience related to the environment of the animation by the presentation of a book and/or a personal interview with the coordinator of the course.


Currently this course is not available anymore at Bau but please check the rest of courses in this link:


Traditionally, the animation neophyte viewer relates directly the Stop Motion with clay without realizing that in the Stop Motion animation you will have to know multitude of techniques. They include, in addition to clay, pixilation, cut-out, sand animation or glass painting, rotoscoping, painting with light, the disturbing stratacut and everything susceptible of being moved photo to photo.

Obviously, we cannot forget the character animation made with materials such as latex, silicone or foam and various materials, increasingly sophisticated, that by means of a few skeletons they have managed to captivate us in recent years, with examples such as "Paranorman".

We don't want to forget the overflowing creativity of Stop Motion artists, whose are moving this techniques to the public space with new forms and supports, as for example Blu.

If you feel fascinated by the work of Blu, the creativity of PES, the technique of "Frankenweenie", Aardman productions or the classics from Ray Harryhausen
as "Jason and the Argonauts", here you have a chance to develop your potential as Stop Motion animator.


Module I – Principles of animation. Dragonframe (stop motion software)

This module is transversal through the whole course. The students will work in theoretical and practical workshops. They will view noteworthy examples of each technique, in which they will have to experiment with the principles of animation and apply them to each stop motion technique by carrying out exercises and guided practices in each technique and sub-technique.

- Principles of animation.

- Analysis of specific examples.

- Dragonframe.

Module II - Main techniques of Stop Motion

· The pixilation.

· The Cut-Out.

· Plasticine.

· Articulated puppets.

Module III - Secondary techniques

· Sand Animation.

· Paint Animation.

· Rotoscoping.

· Animation with light and experimental techniques.

Module IV – New supports / Experimentation (Workshops)

Analysis of and theoretical reflection on the possibilities of stop motion expression in different formats and platforms

· Research, by the student, in new supports and new forms of expression of the technique.

· Formalization of such research by an animated example.

Final Project

During the second semester interventions will be made in the program that will help in the development of a final project.


Frank J. María. Director of ANIMALDIA (, film producer specialized in techniques of Stop Motion animation, from where it has made masks for TV3 as the program "Ànima" (Laus Silver Award), or "No me la puc treure Cap", among other many productions (among its clients ACB of basketball, MACBA, SGAE, Asefa Insurance, Axa Insurance, etc). Degree in Fine Arts from the UB in the field of Image and currently Coordinator of the Department of Audiovisual Design at Bau, Design College.

Teaching staff

Tim Allen

Tim Allen

International stop motion animator.

Tim Allen is a professional stop motion animator who has received worldwide recognition for his work.

Over the past few years he has collaborated on Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride, Shaun the Sheep, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Creature Comforts USA, Magic Piano, Peter & the Wolf, Postman Pat... as well as a plethora of short films, series and advertising spots.

Fabio Ammannati

Fabio Ammannati

Irene Iborra

Irene Iborra

Screenwriter, director and stop motion animator.

Irene is a screenwriter and a director of animated films, as well as a stop motion animator.

She has written and directed short films, series, outreach programmes, etc. for children and adults. At the same time, she has also produced award-winning short films with a specialist stop motion animation production company, with which she collaborates professionally.

She combines her activities with teaching and writing for the Los Animautas blog.

Fernando Pomares

Fernando Pomares

A specialist in Direction and Editing at the University School of Cinema and Visual Communication of Catalonia (ESCAC). Travelogue Studio

Fernando specialised in Direction and Editing at the University School of Cinema and Visual Communication of Catalonia (ESCAC). His short film Alto Sauce has won several awards such as Best Short Film in Küsterdorf (the Emir Kusturica festival) and the Mediterranean Film Fest (Rome), and has also been officially selected by a hundred festivals such as the Short Film Corner in Cannes, Premiers Plans (Angers) and the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Alongside his own projects, Fernando also works as a scriptwriter, editor, director and teacher. He is currently working on the children's animation series Cheeky Anna, which he co-created and co-directed with the French animation studio Les Armateurs (Ernest et Celestine) and Folimage (Une vie de chat), both of which are Oscar nominees.

Travelogue Studio

Eduard Puertas Anfruns

Eduard Puertas Anfruns

Industrial designer and stop motion animator.

A graduate of Industrial Design who has worked as a product design manager for more than five years.

Eduard simultaneously progresses his training as an animator while working on several audiovisual animation projects.

In 2008 he founded an independent animation studio specialising in the stop motion technique. In 2011, after combining his knowledge of design and animation, he launched a website devoted to the design and manufacture of articulated puppets for stop motion animation.

In addition to the above, he is also dedicated to teaching design and animation.

Frank María

Frank María

Coordinator of the Audiovisual Department and the Master’s Degree in Stop Motion Animation. Graduate in Fine Arts from the UB. 

Coordinator of the Audiovisual Department and the Master’s Degree in Stop Motion Animation. Graduate in Fine Arts from the UB. Image specialist and animator specialising in stop motion.

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Career Opportunities

Stop Motion animator in audiovisual productions for:

· Film producers

· Advertising agencies

· Television

· Record companies

· Communication agencies

· Design studies

· Public institutions

· Freelance