Grau en Disseny - 2016-2017

El museo en plural

Alejandra Nonell

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Nombre: El museo en plural

Autor: Alejandra Nonell

Programa: Grau en Disseny

Periodo: 2016-2017


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Project description

Museums in plural emerge from the necessity of showing a cultural reality more complex every day. Art museums have evolved more in the last 20 years than in all its existence, finding themselves today in a complex situation of balance. The process of transformation they are submitted to has driven then to a re-evaluation of its principal functions. This situation creates a turbulent museum environment, the change is generating ethnic and professional concerns that must be attended. This way being a perfect base context to listen to the diversity of opinions that are being produced and show them. The objective of this project is to expose these problematic concerns and the diversity of opinions to understand the complexity of the situations that museums live now-a-days. The way the different testimonies have been collected it’s been through a plural documentary. Its narrative structure has a net of connections structure. This allows themes and opinions to be connected to each other and have the same relevance, same with the participants. Creating a plural content and an open dialog. This project doesn’t try to find the concrete solution to the asked questions, but the mean to ask the question and debate about them. Proposing a reflexion about the decisions that are being made daily in museums and that should be presented. This way, the strength of this documentary won’t be found in the conclusions. The relevance lays on the plurality of expression, every opinion brings a new valid point of view which enriches the web of content and knowledge on the exposed topic. This way the essential values of culture that we believe in are highlighted, nourishing the perception we have of it, through respect and freedom of speech.

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