Grau en Disseny - 2016-2017

Élle, ¿Quiénes somos?

Alejandra Gil Ribes, Isabel Quilez Soler

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Nombre: Élle, ¿Quiénes somos?

Autor: Alejandra Gil Ribes, Isabel Quilez Soler

Programa: Grau en Disseny

Periodo: 2016-2017


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Project description

Élle is the spanish neutral pronoun used to speak of a person with a non binary gender, es decir, does not identify with any of the two genders (man, woman). In the historical context of the patriarcal society, the woman has had to imitate the paper of the man in the fight for the equality of rights between genders. This has been due to the fact that the dominant figure of this social structure is the masculine, therefore the women have not seen another exit than manifest with the same pattern to be listened. These demonstrations have been led by the feminist movement, which has caused along the history revolutions that have promoted changes to institutional level, legal, political and economic. The situation has derived historically in constant clashes between genders, and in spite of the big attainments that has achieved the collective feminine, the patriarcal structure still in full shape. Nevertheless, at the present moment it works in the more micro way, is a structure that has gone back almost invisible to the eyes, but that continues operating and generating differences between man and women, disabling like this the attainment of an equity between genders. A part of the current feminist fight has ended in a movement that has joined fights of different collective, like for example the trans collective, bringing like this a new social system which refuses the dichotomy of woman and man. As a consequence of all this activity, we consider some questions: In which place remains the concept of femininity? Which is succeint at present with this term or feeling? Since which positionings is, or is not beneficial to define or redefine this concept? Can we ‘retribuir’ the femininity to several bodies without taking into account the biological characteristics? Is it a concept, a state or even rotted to feel it like an energy? These are only some of the questions that pose along the visual route of our project, no only in an only piece, but also in a totally necessary debate to see the reality of the opposite opinions that are present but no visible.

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