Grau en Disseny - 2016-2017


Miquel Donat Sala, Ferran Sellarès Ribas

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Nombre: PAR-SYNC.

Autor: Miquel Donat Sala, Ferran Sellarès Ribas

Programa: Grau en Disseny

Periodo: 2016-2017


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The way we interact with the world has become our way to learn and grow. Changing how we learn, teach, reach the information... has made a change in how people act today. Anyone with an internet connexion is able to access all the information he wants. This fact has made a mind change in people. Making is understood more and more as a part of a collective act, and looking for new ways and methods of thinking, as the basis of knowledge. In our childhood we have a natural pulsion to explore new things, the things we don’t know. We have the will to move forward no matter what. But it seems like when we grow we kind of lose this will,, we get comfortable in those things we already know and don’t look forward to reach the unknown. We settle. Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux OS, has defined Open Source as a comeback to science. Before dealing with big names, big salaries and great awards science was constantly working for science itself. This is the mindset that drives an experimentation process. The concept of research, any kind of research, seeks to fill those empty unknown spaces and makes the researcher evolve. That’s the main goal that we are trying to achieve. Our proposal flows in this same intention. Creating a playground for creators seeking new ways of thinking. New ways to understand what we already know and get new perspectives. Therefore we present PAR-SYNC. A tool for the user to work with any kind of data. Music, video, internet data, anything that can be translated to numbers. Anytime, anywhere, and in real time. Every receptor of this data can work, interpret and send all this data wherever he wants at will. Artistic installations, visual shows, live infographics, there’s only one limit to that, the will to experiment and play. With all that appears a decentralized collective creation lab, open and available for anyone at any time, that connects those who maybe could never had met. And over all this, PAR-SYNC is a total open source tool: the user can not only use it but open it, transformit and recode it so it fits perfectly his ways of creating and researching.

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