Grau en Disseny - 2016-2017

We Are Rave: El procés creatiu a través del deliri

Ariadna Rivas Villalta

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Nombre: We Are Rave: El procés creatiu a través del deliri

Autor: Ariadna Rivas Villalta

Programa: Grau en Disseny

Periodo: 2016-2017


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Project description

Born from concepts such as colectiveness, emotional or educational, the piece explodes with raving. “We Are Rave” inteds to be a participatory piece that creates both mutual and creative dynamics through fashion, using sensations and emotions as the main drivers. From the design of a Domus style rave tent, the collection builds across the configuration pieces in the dome. That is why the whole process has been manually managed, redirecting the standars through a modeling game, as a capability to create different dresses with only a piece. The subject can then enjoy the opportunity to look beyond the common knowledge of the classic attire. Following the philosophical values of this sort of partys and ways of life as a base, but without propagandistic intenttions, the procedure for the making has been translating to a series of terms which reflect it’s cultural legacy: freedom, tolerance, disroot and awaerness. The working process has become an investigation to self knowledge, in a proposed methodology that borns in delirium. In the same token, the place and the time of the pieces breath through an endless path, shaped by expirience and the knowledge of who you are.

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